Sunday, 3 June 2012


hey, its June already! means I have less than 2 months, only about 5 weeks to finish my final report. Dear God, help meeeeeeh -___-

and I have to consider few things for the sake of joining the graduation day, wearing my brand new kebaya, have my mama ayah adek and boyfriend during that day, I think I have to prioritize this final report compare to other things. 

Yes, I do realize this final report is important, 3 years I have spent here and that's the very final moment I where I can leave that place, the wrong major I have taken. the final report is the key to open the door to the outside world, and I have to do that. no matter what.

but I just hope that my decision is the most appropriate one. I have to leave those debating and adjudicating stuff for a while. I have to stay focus on what is really needed to leave the campus, my final report, my research, my advisors and my wrong major. hha 

wish me luck, everybodeeeeeh :D

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