Saturday, 30 June 2012


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this time, I would love to write about failure. yes, GAGAL. things people dislike, people even try as hard as they could to avoid it and when they have to face it, this can be a huge challenge for them. whether they could go through it, or this failure will make them drown deeper. 

for me, failure is a form of different point of view of life experience. and I do think, everyone ever felt that. no matter how big or small the failure is, I am sure it does create impacts to the life of these individual. and I hope it shall be a positive one. after a failure, a better change will happen. furthermore, a failure is a moment to learn and contemplate about our own life. as if we ever did mistakes before. for example, you fail in your exam for certain subjects. the issue might be, you did not study hard and smart before, you have problem with the teachers and even you might have problem with your God.

when you experience a failure in your life, positive thoughts and actions are needed. because you have to stand up once again. you have to try harder, even smarter if you could. if you try again and you still got to be failed, never ever stop trying. to achieve something good, something better you have to do more. when a failure is the result of your effort, it means you are not putting maximum efforts to it. if your attempt is at the scale of 10, and others who succeed doing it at the scale of 100, you're only dreaming to achieve your dream. standing still at you scale 10 efforts and hoping it will bring you to the sky, I dont even think God will reward you as how He reward those hard worker.

let me share with you about the power of efforts. USAHA. I am a person who experienced a lot of failure in my life. I really mean it, a lot. did I ever give up to even trying once again? yes I ever did. but I do not continue giving up and just accept everything that happen to me. I know that if its not me to change about what happen to me, no one will do so. even I believe God will not change my life to a better one if I keep on standing still. I woke up. I realize things need to be fixed. a lot of things. my personal character, my attitude toward others especially my parents and elders, my friends and environment and most important, my ibadah to the one I believe.

I ever mention about the scale efforts before. and that's what I did. I wake up from my dreams, I stand on the reality. I face all of the trouble and challenges. and I, run for my own dream. when others are running after me, I increase my speed. this is a life competition, and we're running for our future. be a good player and play fairly. I mean, compete in a good way, do not taking advantage of people. if you try and still failing, once again, dont give up. dont stand still. my friend ever said this:
"even a small kid knows, when they fall down when learning to walk, they stand up once again. because they know they want to be able to walk"

How many times I failed? A lot. What I did? I wake up and run faster. If others will run after me, I'll increase my speed. That's the power of efforts. And I, did create my own history. A good one.

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