Thursday, 21 June 2012

too much of "honeymoon year"???

hello blogworld! 

today is a brand new day, many things happened to me and still, there are good and bad things. but let consider as a lesson to learn and keep that in mind. well, i would like to tell you a story. a story of mine. the average, so-so, extremely lazy, and less hardwork Malisa Sudirman. right, its me -___-

when you read the title, please do not defines it as I am going for a honeymoon. nooooo, that's not the meaning. what I meant I, myself spent too much playing during my college years. okeh, I do admit this is too late to realize but, then better than Im not realizing it at all right? hha :P 

what I did during my college years? hmmm this is a huge question. really. I mean, my answer probably will never fulfill any of my major SKS. because I never put that as my top priority. poor me. okeh, I'll answer that. firstly, before I became a debater I was a really nerdy student, classes-library-bed. I did that everyday as a damn bore routine, till I found back my high school passion, debating! since that, my college life turns 180 degrees from how it should be and I keep on leaving a lot of classes for the sake of training and attending debate tournaments, yes, outside palembang and even sumatra. and I keep on doing it until now, my 6th semester. last month I was in Depok adjudicating for ALSA e-comp UI. :P 

and today, I just realize that I was into it that much till I forget my real responsibility when I enrolled myself to this college. to learn Chemical Engineering as my major and to build my interpersonal skill too. but then, I lost my focused and I think I just put my priority wrongly. and what worse is that I just realize that how small my GPA is! 3.11 for me? well, Im not running after grades but I know that I can do much better. far way better than this. I know people will say its too late to realize, but then again, its better that I realize rather than never at all. too much of honeymoon year? yes. too late to realize? no. GPA can change? nope, I dont think so. future can change? yes, absolutely! I will decide my future, put my priority on top of others and no more having gaje fun. good day people! :)

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