Thursday, 27 December 2012

Just Dont Give Up

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :)

            I hope all of you are doing good and feeling excited to reach another year, yes its getting near to 2013! Im excited for 2013 and already have few plans on my list which will be shared with later on. This time, I would like to share about something important, about typical thing that might always happen. Even for myself, sometimes I do feel it. It’s about losing your spirit and just wanna give up on something. 

           For every individual, their life has its own challenges. Sometimes it might be easy, sometimes things just doesn’t work out at all. For me, life is like a wheel. There will be ups and downs, because its continue moving. Even I myself, cant expect to always to be at the top. And most of the times, I have to face the reality when I have to be at the bottom. But, just don’t forget one thing, even you’re at the top, its not a guaranty that everything will be easy. Natures rule, the higher you’ll be, the harder everything will be. It’s a fact. 

           What if things not going well? What if everything turns out wrong? Backup plan will always be a great idea, but what if you don’t have any choice at all? What if the only choice you have is to face the reality? In my opinion, you have to walk the way. Just go through it, no matter what. No matter how hard what you’re facing now and how hard it would be in the future. Why? The answer is simple, you choose it at the very beginning. From the very early of your journey, you have decided to walk through it instead of other road that might create a different story of your life. 

           Do I look like ‘its so easy to be said than done’? Well, its not actually. If you put an effort to it. A huge one. Have you ever think about it over and over again before you start to giving up like what you did before decided to choose that? This time, when you are about to give up, you are about to stop walking the way, you don’t have to stop but pause it. Take a step backward and think about it properly. As deep as you could, and as rational as you could.   Have a clear mind, a positive one, thus you can make the most objective decision about your future. 

       But what if rational mind doesn’t help at all? You need motivation. I believe everyone in this sphere earth have their own motivation to achieve something. Like myself. Im sure you have read my previous posts talking about my own source of spirit when I want to achieve something right? Yes, my parents are my biggest motivation. I might not be who I am today if I never thought of making them happy. The only reason why Im still standing here now is to make them happy. In any ways, I will try to let them have the greatest happiness of earth and heaven. 

            Im sure that you have your own ambition, and Im sure its huge. That will be even more greater if your ambition is for your parents and your family. So, when you’re so down, tired enough to walk the path, remember your ambition again. For who you’re dedicating your life? For who you’re sacrificing everything you have? Im not saying that everything is easy, but the power of effort will always bring the light into the darkness. No one in this world deny this. Even your God also mention this. Put an effort to what you’re achieving, InsyaAllah, everything will be alright. 

            What if you fall down during the walk? You must get up, no matter how hard it is. Get up and try to walk again. If you cant walk, you can crawl through the path. But Im sure you don’t wanna be late by crawling right? Thus you must stand up strong and run. Run for your ambition, run for your future. At the same time, raise your hand and pray to your God. He will always be with you. Remember, no matter how hard it is, just don’t give up!


*just my two cents* 

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