Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Listen, Think and Filter

hello my blogworld! 

yesterday I had a very good conversation with a good friend of mine. my ex-boyfriend actually. hha at first, I only asked a question, that somehow sounds so stupid and funny. well, you dont have to know what was it. the conversation getting more interesting till he said about this matter : 
"Listen, think and filter of what people say to you"
it hits me at the right way. I mean, someone should tell me what should I do regarding my life. and what they should do is telling me the right way to continue my life. and the words he said, really suit my condition right now. 

status quo shows that I am a super emotional person. easily get mad, easily burst into tears. taking decision without thinking further on it. yes, that's who I am. a super weird Icha with thousands of her weaknesses. she's just being herself without any action taken for changes. its a bad thing you know. 

I think I should pause myself. or maybe a bit of rewind backward. for now, I am not taking any kind of action for a change. but Im taking a chance to introspect myself. knowing my own self deeper. even better. its a huge homework for me. but Im willing to do so. and I will listen, think and filter of what people say to me.

at least I still have few people who I will listen to. my parents and him. we might not have anymore special relationship, even the feeling's may be gone but he still a very good adviser of my life. he is a very good reminder for me. I owe you my life, only God can repay that.

he also told about my weaknesses. where Ive been thinking of it all night long. if its only one person who said that, maybe its just their own opinion. but if everyone you asked and telling you the same thing, something is wrong with you. and yeah, something is wrong with me. thank you for telling the truth about me.

so now, Im working on my negative and dark side. slowly turning it into a very positive and bright side of Malisa Sudirman. things do take time, and I hope I will be given enough time to become a better me. InsyaAllah.... :)

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