Monday, 27 August 2012

Pesan-pesan Ayah

Apa kabar Bulan? Semoga kau baik-baik saja disana. Jaga kesehatanmu yah, makannya jangan sembarangan. Maaf kalau aku belum berkesempatan memasak untukmu. Taukah kau, jika hari ini ayah berpesan padaku. Banyak yang dia nasehatkan padaku. Aku ingin ceritakan padamu, Bulan.

Ayah berpesan padaku, kalau aku ga boleh sombong. Katanya, kesombongan hanya akan membuat kebencian orang lain padaku. Ga baik sifatnya, ga disukai orang. Kata ayah, jadilah Icha yang disukai banyak orang, disenangi kehadirannya dan dicintai sifatnya...

Ayah juga bilang padaku, jangan pernah lupakan asal usulku. Disaat aku sudah bisa berjalan, bahkan berlari diatas kakiku sendiri, janganlah sesekali lupa siapa yg sudah mengajarkanku berjalan. Berbaktilah dengan orang-orang yang telah mengajarkan arti kehidupan kepadaku.

Bahkan ayah sempat berpesan kepadaku untuk belajarlah memasak. Katanya, nanti jika aku punya suami, makan minumnya jadi ada yang ngurusin. Kata ayah, ga mungkinlah suaminya yang masak. Ah, ayah lucu sekali kan Bulan?

Bulan, itulah pesan-pesan ayah buatku. Semoga aku bisa jadi Icha yang lebih baik ya bulan. Doain aku yah. Selamat malam Bulan, aku merinduimu.... :)


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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

me going HOME!!! ^__^

Im going home, to have Lebaran with my family, 
after 4 years! 

10th August 2012 - 5 September 2012
I'll be spending my quality time with them


When People Judge

Hello blogworld!

this time, Im not telling something random, but a true fact. about me. I mean, about me in the eye of others. as far as I know. Ive been living in this world for 22 years, plus few months, Ive been through many things. experiences taught me about a lot of lesson to be learned. its about when people judge me. and this happens a lot of times. and I know, they're talking behind my back. and what's funny, people who listened to their gossips will report to me. hha lets check what they're talking :))

"Icha = Arrogant"
this is the most normal thing that I always heard. even until now. I dont know why actually. maybe because they just envy with me? hha no laaah. I think they judge me that way because they just dont know me yet. they dont know my struggle. they dont walk my way. they just dont know what Ive been through. life for me, isnt as easy as yours. its totally not easy to be me. Im always being undermined. wherever I go. do you think Malaysia is always fine for me? it doesnt be that way, actually. have you ever being insult because you came from a country that they call 'trouble maker citizen'? and in your own country, have you ever being undermine just because your parents, are earning money as TKI *harshly, you're saying this to me* in that neighboir country? and have you ever being said 'stupid' by your own lecturer? if Im being proud, not arrogant of what I achieved, dont blame me of being arrogant. you just dont know me yet. Im being thakful to God, because oh Him I have all these. and for those who still judge me arrogant, I dont blame you, its just you dont know me. and when you dont know who I am, stop judging me. :))

"Icha = Jutek Minta Ampun"
hahahahaha this is the 'I always heard people saying this'. okeh, I do have problem with social interaction with people. you may see me talking non stop with my close friends, but please, do not expect me to talk much with someone I just met or those I only know. means, I rarely talk to you, and you expect me to suddenly talk much? hhe I just cant. you may call me bawel, talk active but Im just not into that with a new people. I tried, and that needs time. time until one moment, I can talk everything with you. this jutek me also supported with my minder mindset. I always try to to improve on this, but I just dont know why I just cant remove this keminderan within me. heuuuu :| and this getting worse if Im all alone, in a huge group of people. and this happened during a major debate tournament that I attended alone. huaaaaah :(( its not easy actually, and I did took a long time to adapt with that environment. and thank God, I did, in the end. but still, until now, Im hard to do real social life and admit that Im jutek but that's all because of Im shy. huaaaaah :((

hmmm  I think that's all, hha only two stuff. there's a lot for my weaknesses actually, but I think this both have major problems. maybe I'll share more in the future. have a good day people! ^__^

Monday, 6 August 2012

it's a new BEGINNING :)

Hello blogworld! 

Hope you are having a very good and full of bless Ramadhan! its day 17, and hope everyones doing fine and can increase our Ibadah during this holy month. :")

I dont know why, this year's Ramadhan seems a lot different. after everything that happened to me, I learned a lot actually. a lot of things to evaluate about life, especially my own self. my attitude, that is in a crucial level of changes need. no one can change me, beside myself. yayayayaya always listen to that word, till Im tired of listening. hhe :P

am I never change? am I just the same Icha that everyone knows very jutek, temperamental, easily ngambek, and all those negative (dark) side of me? hmmm I dont know. I cant judge myself. its you, people around me, who judge. who reminds me for everything wrong I do. or maybe you just being tired of me just being me, and always become a trouble maker, thus you wouldnt even care anymore? I dont know. I did my efforts, but like I said, nothing is instant. a long process toward betterment is on its way. just hope this will bring to a better thing in the future. InsyaAllah.... 

Im taking this Ramadhan moment to start everything all over again. to start building my own self, in a better way of course. to start a new single life, as how I ever had before, obviously in a lot of better manner. I mean, no more galauness on my twitter account and no more extreme galauness on my blogpost. hihihi :P to start a career at that blue coverall company, InsyaAllah. to start helping my parents, to reduce their burden. to send my sister to further her studies. to be a wonder daughter and sister for my family. 

this is a new beginning. you will find a new me. InsyaAllah.... :")

keep on smiling, nenek2 cantik. hihihi :P

Saturday, 4 August 2012

a lesson learned ^__^

Hello blogworld! 

its been awhile Im not typing a proper story for you, sorry for any inconvenience. well, you know me lah, when Im not in the mood to blog, this blog will be left like a haunted house. but when Im in the mood of extreme galau-ness, this blog will make you non-stop vomitting. hihihi :P 

okeyh, now I would like to share a story about a lesson learned today. please, do not assume this is about a relationship matter! *I know people are tired of my galau-ness on social network* -,- alright, the lesson learned was reagrding my business matter. remember that I already started my own online business? yup, Im selling shawls for those hijabers. based on the promotion I did, with all of the efforts, I did gained customers. who put their trust to me by buying my products. Im just being thankful for my lovely customers! ^__^

enough with the opening, now lets get into the serious matter. I learned about a business management. on the process of making the product ready for your customer. to maintain a good supply to the demand. this time, for my first attempt, I did some mistakes. I dont know whether this came from me or my supplier, but there's a miscommunication between us. my orders are here today, but some of the shawls are not like what I ordered! furthermore it even took 9 days to come here. I was quite angry when I opened the package, because this is the first time that what I bought on the internet isnt the same as the pictures showed. 

I was really disappointed because of that. if its my own order, that will be fine for me, but that's for my customer. what should I say to them? I want to return the products, but this will take time. a lot of time. and Im going home by 10th August. I know its my mistake too, for not putting maximum effort to this business. but I think my supplier should also realize that they're making the mistakes too. I informed them. and they havent respond to that. yet (till this blog typed) if there any chance for the product exchange, I would really love to do so. but then, Im stuck with time. as if my supplier is near my house, or atleast even in palembang... -.-

now, I have to explain to my customers. thank God they havent paid any yet. means, COD. atleast, Im not taking any advantage on my customers. I should keep their trust. because Im not only doing this business only for this time. but for a long time phase. this is my passion, what I want. thus, I should improve my service to my customer. maybe in the future I will prepare a ready stock products for my beloved customer. they will dont have to wait and can wear it directly. step by step, this business of mine will be big. InsyaAllah. a good lesson learned, and I learn so much. :D

-good day, people-

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

hey, August!

Hello blogworld!

its the first day of August and here I am, trying to be a strong icha, after everything that already happened. so many things happened in my July. everything that can be considered as the most beautiful gift ever and also, the worst thing ever. despite everything that had happened, Im still standing. though not as strong as before, Im still here. 

this is a new month, means a new beginning. I thank God for giving me the chance to live till today, to be grateful for everything He gave me, and for everything He already planned for me. I believe He already wrote a good story for my life, the best one. because I know, He never disappoint His ummah. but its just me, some time being not thankful for how lucky I am. to be born as a Muslim, to have a good parents, to have my best sister ever, to have a great (future) life partner, somehow, Im not being thankful for all that. went against my parents wish, not being a good example to my sister, demanding to much to that life partner, and not being good enough to my environment, I mean everyone. :((

I know there's so much to be done. a lot to be fixed. everything in every way that it need to be fixed. Im taking the challenge. Im 22 and should be an adult. not only by age, but also mind and action. that's my biggest weaknesses. I have tried. since long ago. but I realize that nothing in this life is instant. changes will happen step by step. sacrifices is needed, even its include feeling. the goal is betterment. for me and everyone around me. I might be labelled for being a NATO. no action, talk only. but then, its only my God and myself who knows what's happening inside here. a problem with myself, my own character. 

I will try. harder than before. keep on evaluating myself. please, dont judge me, but guide me. Im just a little girl trying to be a grown up. always trying to be a better me for everyone else. please, pray for me. do support me. and let me be better. I always wanted to be so. :")