Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wedding Preparation – The Wedding Ring

                Personally, I am not a jewellery lover or even addicted to it. But yes, I do wearing it, a gold necklace, which was a gift from my mother. My ear rings were taken off during my FAM operation, after that, I was not able to wear it again, because I cannot wear it, due to its complicated design. -_-

                But then, when it comes to a marriage, I myself like other woman in the world would love to have a beautiful, pretty and amazing wedding ring. Nope, I am not dreaming of wearing a super huge 10 carat diamonds on my wedding finger, but if WDS wants to buy it, why not? :p 

Wedding Preparation – The Souvenir

                Few months ago, when we planned the wedding, I decided to have a DIY souvenir, very simple and easy but in the end I found it quite costly and decided to just order the souvenirs. Since we are going to have our big day ceremony in my hometown, most of the guests are family so we finalized the amount of souvenir is 100 pieces, equal to our invitation card number. 

                So, what is our wedding souvenir for my lovely guests and family? I always wish to have a useful souvenir for my guest. InsyaAllah our wedding souvenir will be a calico cloth (belacu) tote bag with a simple design and hopefully can be used by our beloved guest in the future. Now, allow me to share my hunt for this tote bag because finally, I found the service that suits my budget and have a very nice design. Again, I found all these from Instagram! :)