Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wedding Preparation – The Wedding Ring

                Personally, I am not a jewellery lover or even addicted to it. But yes, I do wearing it, a gold necklace, which was a gift from my mother. My ear rings were taken off during my FAM operation, after that, I was not able to wear it again, because I cannot wear it, due to its complicated design. -_-

                But then, when it comes to a marriage, I myself like other woman in the world would love to have a beautiful, pretty and amazing wedding ring. Nope, I am not dreaming of wearing a super huge 10 carat diamonds on my wedding finger, but if WDS wants to buy it, why not? :p 

                I am looking for a simple minimalist ring made of white gold with a diamond (real one, not zircon) in the middle of it and for sure, the ring can be bought according to our budget. I went through bridezillas blog and found a lot of reference. Since I am working in Balikpapan and you already know how things are extremely expensive here, I am so not going to buy my ring here (exception for the proposal ring). 

                Many of bridezillas bought their wedding ring at Kaliem, a famous jewelley store in Jakarta. But there are also a lot of other store like, where they also have their offline store. But after reading their reviews, I don’t think it will be a wise choice to buy from the stores. Why? Simple, its totally out of my budget because their prices are absolutely unreasonable. So, I continue googling and found where Mbak Titiw reviewed her wedding ring vendor, @nagmajewels, an online jewellery store based in Jakarta. Antimainstream, right? Buying wedding ring from an online shop? :)

                After reading her blog thoroughly, I think Im gonna try to contact @nagmajewels. It was May when I contacted Mbak Namira, one of the owners. She is really nice to answer all of my questions regarding the ring. Alhamdulillah, they can make our ring according to our budget. Customers can make an appointment and they will love to come and meet us. I met them on my previous trip to Jakarta early of this week and I already had my finger measured. InsyaAllah next month WDS and I can have our rings ready. 

                FYI, @nagmajewels accepts custom design for jewellery and also re-modelling of your old jewellery. Please do not be surprise by their price, because you might be frustrated if you buy your wedding ring at famous jewellery store or any gold store. Hehe :p So here are some of jewelley they sell on Instagram (ready made and also client’s request) :

                Till next time, have a nice day my beloved friends! :)

-Soon to be Nyonya WDS-


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