Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lets Be Thankful :)

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :)

Im kinda busy right now, yes as a new employee at PT Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger Balikpapan, seems I have so much to catch up and increase my speed of learning. and because of that, I might only have once a week to blog all my activities. but that's okay, atleast I still have a day off to rest from everything I do daily at the lab and office. hhe :D

I just wanna share this one thing, this big thing that everyone including me should realize. its about being thankful for what we have. everything that God has grant us. for this one time, I wanna be thankful for a very specific reason, which is my new job. 

Alhamdulillah, Im now can be proud enough to be hired in the biggest oil and gas services company in the world, Schlumberger. the company that never crossed my minds, and the field that I never thought that Im gonna join. this company, if you ever read my previous blog that I only knew a day before I get into the interview, almost a year ago but now Im wearing the blue coverall everyday for work. :D

its something you receive without any expectation. everything happen so sudden and right now Im ready to face the reality. ready to take a new responsibility. I dont know what else God has written for me, but the most important thing now is just go with the flow. go through all His ways for me. :)

Im thankful to work here, these good people I met. great surrounding where you not only see Indonesians, but also those Western people, and even from other Asian people. a good place to live, here in Balikpapan. everyday with free transportation provided using Toyota Innova back and to office from staff housing complex. working in a the most complete lab in whole over ASA region for Schlumberger company, the busiest work activities in Indonesia, and the chance to learn from the experts. 

Schlumberger its not just a place to work, but its the place to learn. the knowledge is worldwide, the source is damn huge. Im thankful to be here, thank you Allah. :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Seluruh Nafas Ini....

Lihatlah luka ini yang sakitnya abadi
Yang terbalut hangatnya bekas pelukmu
Aku tak akan lupa, tak akan pernah bisa
Tentang apa yang harus memisahkan kita

Saat ku tertatih tanpa kau di sini
Kau tetap ku nanti demi keyakinan ini
Jika memang dirimulah tulang rusukku
Kau akan kembali pada tubuh ini
Ku akan tua dan mati dalam pelukmu
Untukmu seluruh nafas ini

Kita telah lewati rasa yang telah mati
Bukan hal baru bila kau tinggalkan aku
Tanpa kita mencari jalan untuk kembali
Takdir cinta yang menuntunmu kembali padaku

Di saatku tertatih (saat ku tertatih)
Tanpa kau di sini (tanpa kau di sini)
Kau tetap ku nanti demi keyakinan ini

Jika memang kau terlahir hanya untukku
Bawalah hatiku dan lekas kembali
Ku nikmati rindu yang datang membunuhku
Untukmu seluruh nafas ini

Dan ini yang terakhir aku menyakitimu
Ini yang terakhir aku meninggalkanmu
Takkan ku sia-siakan hidupmu lagi

Ini yang terakhir dan ini yang terakhir
Takkan ku sia-siakan hidupmu lagi

Jika memang dirimulah tulang rusukku (terlahir untukku)
Kau akan kembali pada tubuh ini (bawa hatiku kembali)
Ku akan tua dan mati dalam pelukmu
Untukmu seluruh nafas ini
Jika memang kau terlahir hanya untukku

Bawalah hatiku dan lekas kembali
Ku nikmati rindu yang datang membunuhku
Untukmu seluruh nafas ini, untukmu seluruh nafas ini
Untukmu seluruh nafas ini

-Last Child ft. Giselle-

Friday, 19 October 2012

A New Life Episode :)

Assalamualaikum and hello my dearest blogworld! :D

sorry if this kinda late and might be short, but I'll try my best. anyways, Ive been here, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan for my work assigned by Schlumberger since 3 day ago and because of some problem, I cant connect to the internet. its not that Im staying in the jungle, but my modem has no signal at all while in this staff house, KBC no 31, the wifi using password! no one here, thus I dont know whom to ask. -_____- finally, after asking to my friend who is staying in another house, I can use this free wifi service. hohoho :D

I am finally sign the working contract with Schlumberger. my first contract as a Lab Technician Trainee that contains blablabla benefits which I hope will benefit me too. its for the first year (12 months) + 2 months of bonus and THR, with the same amount of salary, yup before I get into SLB School in Kuala Lumpur. currently Im stauying the temporary staff housing complex in KBC. its only free for a month. hha after that I have to move out and rent a room with my other girl friends from SLB because, if I continue to stay here, I wont get the housing allowance, which is that huge amount of money. hahaha :P and also free transportation provided from SLB via Journey Management Centre, popularly known among us as JMC that manage all the transportation in SLB. whether its for in town, to office and especially to location. everything needs to be reported to JMC. 

but what's lacking is my meal. hahahaha I eat much and Balikpapan will burn out my purse for food! -______- its damn expensive over here, mama! I havent get my salary yet, due to the payroll process and etc etc, I will get my salary on 25th November 2012. bewh, still long time to survive with a very limited amount of pocket money *self pukpuk*  but yeah, just experience this one, and enjoy. anyway, Im working inside the lab, with full air conditioner, so no sweat at all, people! haha :P

My temporarry PKI for all access to SLB Door :D
maybe that's for now, very limited time to blog. I have to be ready for office. see you lovely readers! :))

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Kehilangan~ (Re-Post)

Assalamualaikum and hello blogworld! again this post is a sharing tweet from @MotivaTweet, enjoy! :D

1. Yang pernah … coba ngacung!

2. , apapun itu, baik yang "biasa" atau malah "spesial" pasti akan membuat mood kita berantakan

3. kalau tidak disikapi dgn baik, akan "merusak" hari kita, malah bisa "merusak" hidup kita

4. yg paling kepikiran pasti deh kehilangan "seseorang yg spesial" | Iya apa IYA BANGET?

5. berikutnya yg "berkesan" pastilah sesuatu yg HARGA nya ngga bisa diganti sama UANG

6. Mau yg mana aja, itu rasanya NGGA ENAK | Nah, gimana caranya supaya jadi ENAK?

7. PERTAMA, kita harus SADARI bahwa , apapun itu, terjadi atas izin-Nya | Jadi pasti itu yang terbaik

8. Awalnya pasti berasa NGGA ENAK di hati | Tapi YAKIN lah bahwa itu yang TERBAIK | Itu adalah keputusan dari-Nya

9. Jangan karena lalu kita jadi terlarut dalam kesedihan | Lalu malah menjauh dari-Nya | MENDEKATLAH

10. KEDUA, ingat bahwa semua adalah "TITIPAN" | Jadi ketika titipan itu di ambil, maka tak layak kita bersedih

11. Seorang tukang parkir | Ketika mobil yg parkir "pergi" | Ia tak bersedih bukan? | Karena ia sadar, semua cuma TITIPAN

12. Jadi ketika kita | Ingat bahwa semua adalah TITIPAN | Suatu saat Sang Pemilik pasti akan "mengambilnya"

13. KETIGA, Ingatlah TUJUAN HIDUP kita | Jangan sampai membuat kita LUPA akan IMPIAN kita

14. Mereka yg FOKUS pada IMPIAN akan tetap MELAJU meski | Pilihlah FOKUS pada TUJUAN, bukan larut dalam kesedihan

15. Pandanglah sebagai "hambatan" pencapaian IMPIAN | Ngga rela kan IMPIAN nya ngga tercapai? | Mending MOVE ON!

16. Jadi, itu adalah "bumbu" kehidupan | Bikin hidup jadi LEBIH HIDUP | Ambil HIKMAH, jangan malah gundah

17. Yang paling penting di dunia ini adalah KEDEKATAN KITA kepada-Nya | Jangan sampai bikin kita menjauh dari-Nya

18. Semoga bisa membuat kita menjadi hamba yang lebih BERSYUKUR | Juga semakin DEWASA | Aamiin

- Dan semoga kehilangan itu jalan terbaik dari-Nya. Aamiin :') -

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Whole New Experience! :)

Asslamualaikum and hello blogworld! 

Long time no see, and I hope all of you are doing good. hehe :D Im kinda busy lately, with my new business, yup my boutique and one competition I join, Duta Bahasa Sumatera Selatan. whaaaat? me a language ambassador? if that's English it might be something normal, but Indonesian? hard to believe? believe it. :D

It was something unexpected actually. due to Schlumberger late announcement for my exact starting date of working, thus I fill my free time doing these fun things. and its include Dubas 2012. hohoho at first, Im not sure, I mean, really not sure at all to even submit the application form. because I know who I am and my capacity. but then, someone told me this,
"mending dicoba dan ketauan gagal daripada ga dicoba sama sekali tapi ternyata ada kesempatan berhasil"
and again, I owe you this big thing. you were the one who said that, and because of what you said, Im with all of my courage, joined this and sit for the first test which were, Uji Kompetensi Berbahasa Indonesia (UKBI) and TOEFL. the Indonesian test was..... extremely hard! and the TOEFL too. and I wasnt really sure bout my score. :|

and the announcement was done late by the committee, they said its gonna be at 4pm, but then they announced at 5pm. I thought I failed. SERIOUSLY. because I havent received any news regarding the first day test result. kinda sad, really. but then, I received the sms and email telling me as one of the finalist! it was great! Alhamdulillah. :)

again, I know who I am, I know my capacity and I know I can break my own boundaries. winning or losing in a competition is a normal thing. but I know I can still work hard for that, do my best, and be myself. the result, good or bad, already written by God. but what's important, is I can be better. in everything. InsyaAllah its gonna be a very good new experience. :))

in need of tons of prayers and luck for tomorrow, 
Icha~ :D

Thursday, 4 October 2012

2 Alasan Ngaryawan - Repost

Hello blogworld! 

This is a repost from my fav twitter account @MotivaTweet about the reason why, people sometimes have to stay working with other people while doing their on small business. enjoy! 

1. Banyak email yg masuk ke menanyakan ttg "mau bisnis tapi masih ngaryawan" #2AlasanNgaryawan

2. Di #SharingZUPER malam ini Motty mau kasih #2AlasanNgaryawan | Jadi yg mau nerusin ngaryawan punya TUJUAN yg JELAS

3. Sebelumnya, pertanyaan dulu "Ada yg salah dgn ngaryawan?" | Jawab: "ngga ada" | Tapi sayang potensi kita jd terbelenggu #2AlasanNgaryawan

4. Seseorang harusnya mendapat penghasilan yg sesuai dgn KAPASITASnya. Tapi dgn ngaryawan, penghasilan jadi TERBATAS #2AlasanNgaryawan

5. Coba bayangkan, ada TRILIUNAN uang bertebaran di dunia ini dan karyawan cuma dibatesin gajinya. SADARLAH! #2AlasanNgaryawan

6. Kalau seseorang sudah menyadari hal ini, maka ia akan mulai mencari cara utk STOP NGARYAWAN & memulai bisnisnya sendiri #2AlasanNgaryawan

7. Tapi, kebanyakan kita adalah karyawan bukan? Jadi gimana dong? Langsung resign aja trus mulai bisnis sendiri? #2AlasanNgaryawan

8. Ada #2AlasanNgaryawan buat yg masih ngaryawan | Pastikan keduanya ada dlm kondisi kita, kalo ngga, rugi bandar deh ˆˆ

9. ALASAN PERTAMA tetep ngaryawan >> Ngumpulin MODAL << #PlisCATET! #2AlasanNgaryawan

10. Yg perlu diwaspadai di alasan ini adalah SIFAT RAKUS kita. Ya, pada dasarnya semua manusia itu RAKUS. Maksudnya? #2AlasanNgaryawan

11. Alih2 ngumpulin MODAL, gaji bulanan malah kita pake buat beli ini itu. Ganti gadget, beli asesoris, jalan2, dll #2AlasanNgaryawan

12. Financial Planning ala Mas @SafirSenduk dibutuhkan. Kita perlu rencanakan hal2 yg diBUTUHkan & hilangkan yg diINGINkan #2AlasanNgaryawan

13. Hiduplah dgn "CUKUPnya KITA" saja, dgn menggenggam erat tujuan kita. Ngaryawan: Ngumpulin MODAL #2AlasanNgaryawan

14. ALASAN KEDUA tetep ngaryawan: Ngumpulin PENGALAMAN #PlisCATET! #2AlasanNgaryawan

15. Tentukan bisnis apa yg ingin kita bangun, lalu ngaryawanlah di bisnis yg serupa. Jadi, resiko ruginya: NOL! #2AlasanNgaryawan

16. Jangan ngaryawan dgn cuma ngincer gaji gede, tapi ngga belajar apa2 ttg bisnisnya. Waktu akan terbuang, mubazir #2AlasanNgaryawan

17. Carilah BOS yg mau ngajarin bisnis, bukan sekedar nyuruh ini itu. Ujung2nya kita jadi ahli tapi ga ngerti bisnisnya #2AlasanNgaryawan

18. Silakan cek diri ya. Kalau memang mau punya usaha tapi masih ngaryawan, NGGA PAPA! ˆˆ tapi pastiin #2AlasanNgaryawan tadi ada

Monday, 1 October 2012

Daily Hijab Style *not Dian Pelangi's Book* :P

its a normal thing when you see muslim girls wearing head scarf nowadays. and yeah, its a good thing when more people are doing it. and Im hoping, to myself that I will wear it according to guidance. aamiin :)

and here, some of the pics. I have taken since few days ago. because since few days ago, when Im going out, im wearing those long shawls. its good actually. hahaha :P

I know Im not as pretty as who you are, but hey, this is my blog. and I can post anything I like right? hihihi :D

maybe one day I'll post the tutorial. yup, when Im free enough and have my own camera back *my camera was given to my sis, and now only using Ace for pic* and Im hoping to have a DSLR camera *tough Im not a pro, but yeah just for fun ok what*  hewhew :D

Mata Hati Telinga

Satu cerita tentang manusia
Coba 'tuk memahami arti cinta
Benarkah cinta diatas segalanya
Hanyakah itu satu-satunya

Yang menjadi alasan untuk menutup mata

Tak melihat dunia yang sesungguhnya
Dan menjadi jawaban atas semua tanya
Yang kita harap mampu mewujudkan sebuah akhir bahagia


Buka mata hati telinga
Sesungguhnya masih ada yang lebih penting dari sekedar kata cinta ooo..
Yang kau inginkan tak selalu
Yang kau butuhkan mungkin memang yang paling penting
Cobalah untuk membuka mata hati telinga

Adakah kau rasakan kadang hati dan fikiran

Tak selalu sejalan seperti yang kau harapkan
Tuhan tolong tunjukkan apa yang 'kan datang
Hikmah dari semua misteri yang tak pernah terpecahkan

Back to Reff: 2x

Buka mata hati telinga

Buka mata hati telinga
Coba kau buka mata hati telinga
Mata hati telinga 
-Maliq & D'Essentials-