Monday, 1 October 2012

Daily Hijab Style *not Dian Pelangi's Book* :P

its a normal thing when you see muslim girls wearing head scarf nowadays. and yeah, its a good thing when more people are doing it. and Im hoping, to myself that I will wear it according to guidance. aamiin :)

and here, some of the pics. I have taken since few days ago. because since few days ago, when Im going out, im wearing those long shawls. its good actually. hahaha :P

I know Im not as pretty as who you are, but hey, this is my blog. and I can post anything I like right? hihihi :D

maybe one day I'll post the tutorial. yup, when Im free enough and have my own camera back *my camera was given to my sis, and now only using Ace for pic* and Im hoping to have a DSLR camera *tough Im not a pro, but yeah just for fun ok what*  hewhew :D

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