Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Whole New Experience! :)

Asslamualaikum and hello blogworld! 

Long time no see, and I hope all of you are doing good. hehe :D Im kinda busy lately, with my new business, yup my boutique and one competition I join, Duta Bahasa Sumatera Selatan. whaaaat? me a language ambassador? if that's English it might be something normal, but Indonesian? hard to believe? believe it. :D

It was something unexpected actually. due to Schlumberger late announcement for my exact starting date of working, thus I fill my free time doing these fun things. and its include Dubas 2012. hohoho at first, Im not sure, I mean, really not sure at all to even submit the application form. because I know who I am and my capacity. but then, someone told me this,
"mending dicoba dan ketauan gagal daripada ga dicoba sama sekali tapi ternyata ada kesempatan berhasil"
and again, I owe you this big thing. you were the one who said that, and because of what you said, Im with all of my courage, joined this and sit for the first test which were, Uji Kompetensi Berbahasa Indonesia (UKBI) and TOEFL. the Indonesian test was..... extremely hard! and the TOEFL too. and I wasnt really sure bout my score. :|

and the announcement was done late by the committee, they said its gonna be at 4pm, but then they announced at 5pm. I thought I failed. SERIOUSLY. because I havent received any news regarding the first day test result. kinda sad, really. but then, I received the sms and email telling me as one of the finalist! it was great! Alhamdulillah. :)

again, I know who I am, I know my capacity and I know I can break my own boundaries. winning or losing in a competition is a normal thing. but I know I can still work hard for that, do my best, and be myself. the result, good or bad, already written by God. but what's important, is I can be better. in everything. InsyaAllah its gonna be a very good new experience. :))

in need of tons of prayers and luck for tomorrow, 
Icha~ :D

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