Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wedding Preparation – The Invitation

                Im staying in Balikpapan for work and anything they are selling here, even vegetables are expensive! So, I am so not gonna find my printed wedding invitation here. My budget for my wedding invitation is only one million rupiahs for 100 pieces printed invitation. Went through Google for few days, I still couldn’t find the invitation model just like how I wanted. So, I decided to check Instagram using hashtag #UndanganVintage and walah, I found a lot! So, here are some reference :)

Wedding Preparation – The Plan

                So we are getting married! Excited and obviously nervous for our future life together. Meanwhile Im trying to cooperate with the sensation of being a wife-to-be, how about I share with you my  wedding preparation. This very first post for our big day will share roughly the whole plan for the wedding, including budget, of course! :)

He Proposed and I Said Yes!

                His name is Wegi Dwi Sapto and he willingly to go to Kuala Lumpur alone, yes alone since his parents are in Belitong and it will be costly enough to bring them to KL. His parents and mine are fine with that, because they know we will be starting a good thing for our future and they are being supportive for that.