Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wedding Preparation – The Invitation

                Im staying in Balikpapan for work and anything they are selling here, even vegetables are expensive! So, I am so not gonna find my printed wedding invitation here. My budget for my wedding invitation is only one million rupiahs for 100 pieces printed invitation. Went through Google for few days, I still couldn’t find the invitation model just like how I wanted. So, I decided to check Instagram using hashtag #UndanganVintage and walah, I found a lot! So, here are some reference :)

                I found this one after following @thebridestory Instagram account where they always keep on updating wedding preparation vendors. Design samples from @tamankado are :

                From the information on their Instagram bio, I contacted them and asked the price for 100 pieces of printed Invitation. And they gave me quite out of budget since it cost more than twenty thousand rupiahs for each pieces of I order 100 pieces only. So, good bye @tamankado.

                This one have a lot of choices at reasonable price, you guys can check their website here. All the details are there. Here are some of their design samples :

                Unfortunately, their minimum order is 300 pieces. Eventhough its only five thousand rupiahs for 300 pieces printed invitation, but Im still wondering where am I going to send another 200 pieces? I am so frustrated at that time! Good bye @undanganpernikahankita. Lets find another printing service. :(

                One word I can say about this is AWESOME! Yes yes yes, they have awesome designs and awesome price! I can have 100 pieces of my wedding invitation at ten thousand rupiahs each but only the card, not included its envelope. They just give clear plastic. I just do not like it. But here are some of their designs :

                It was hard to say goodbye to @macaloona, but I have to say goodbye since I have found the service I wanted at #4. :p

                Been searching through Instagram hashtags and finally I found this account. They do not have much post since they are new, but I like one of their designs. And when I asked for the price, I can save one hundred thousand rupiahs from my budget for 100 pieces of printed invitation. Alhamdulillah :)

                Here are some of their designs:

                InsyaAllah, its fixed I will order my invitation card from @eimondocard. Will update later when its ready :)
                How about online invitation? Before this, I was so into this web where they provide online invitation service. They have 3 different type of the invitation with price range between 350K-2JT. I like Mawaddah package, but I already decided to have my printed invitation so, goodbye and for online invitation, I will make it through Facebook event invitation. Its FREE! :P


                So, until next time my friends, have a nice day! :)

-Soon to be Nyonya WDS-


  1. Cantik - cantik undangannya,jadi pengin cepet nikah :))

  2. These wedding invitations are absolutely gorgeous! What a steal.

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