Sunday, 31 August 2014

He Proposed and I Said Yes!

                His name is Wegi Dwi Sapto and he willingly to go to Kuala Lumpur alone, yes alone since his parents are in Belitong and it will be costly enough to bring them to KL. His parents and mine are fine with that, because they know we will be starting a good thing for our future and they are being supportive for that. 

                He came with a ring that we bought at a local jewellery  store at Pasar Klandasan, Balikpapan. Its made of 2gr gold and has 9 zircon diamonds. It has no meaning at all, I just like the ring and of course its cheap! Here is the ring.

                He also brought some local snacks which my mom was asking for it but I couldn’t find it before my departure. He brought dodol garut and local Balikpapan crackers, amplang. Well, its really was not a formal proposal event. But what’s important is, he was brave enough to travel alone to neighbourhood country and meet my parents for the first time to ask to marry me. 

                Of course, I said yes, people! InsyaAllah will be posting our preparation for the wedding ceremony. I might not be the bridezilla with one hundred million rupiahs to spend on my wedding day, but I will be posting how I get to save a lot of money for my wedding ceremony! That’s actually what we needed right? To spend less for the wedding and spend more on marriage? 

                Have a nice day, sweet lovely friends! :)

-Soon to be Nyonya WDS-

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