Sunday, 31 August 2014

Wedding Preparation – The Plan

                So we are getting married! Excited and obviously nervous for our future life together. Meanwhile Im trying to cooperate with the sensation of being a wife-to-be, how about I share with you my  wedding preparation. This very first post for our big day will share roughly the whole plan for the wedding, including budget, of course! :)

1. Location 

                After a very long discussion with our parents, the akad and small reception (syukuran) will be held in my hometown or home village, Kerinci. Yes, it will be held at Kabupaten Kerinci, Provinsi Jambi. Why? Because my parents wanted me to get married at their own home. Eventhough I prefer Palembang, but they insisted to have it at Kerinci, so what can I say? I do not want to be the Millenium Malin Kundang. So, its fixed, Kerinci will be venue. Its at home, near wide paddy field, people still use underground well for water source, near Danau Kerinci and of course I can see Kerinci Mount from my house. It’s a lovely village, InsyaAllah the ceremony will be the moment for my family to gather along. 

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2. The Theme

                As a half blood of Minang and Palembang, I would love to see both combinations during my wedding. Yes, I am going to have traditional ceremony for my big day! But then, after long thoughts and discussions, my family agreed to have Minang theme and the colour scheme will be red and gold. Yeah :D

Picture from here

3. The Date 

                InsyaAllah its gonna be on Sunday,  14th December 2014. Why? My family prefer end of the year since my sister is having her long school holiday and fortunately, it’s a pretty date (tanggal cantik). Hehe :)

4. The Budget 

                Should I say the amount of cash to be spent on our D-day? Well, this would be shocking enough, but InsyaAllah we will be very minimum amount of cash for a wedding since it’s a kampong wedding and we are practicing gotong royong for the catering (most couples spend a lot on consumption). I will post one by one on how I spend my budget.

                Please kindly pray for our big day and our future days of being husband and wife ya :)

-Soon to be Nyonya WDS-

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