Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To Love You More~

Starting yesterday, accidentally, I am crazy about this evergreen song by Celine Dion that was covered by Glee cast (Lea Michele) on the series show. I heard it before, I knew the lyrics, but I wasnt as crazy as I was since yesterday. Im not sure if this because of Lea's voice or Im just so into it. :P

If you check the lyric, it's telling how someone (a girl) is hoping for her ex lover to come back. Well yeah, I am not. Hello, Im having my future with me, why should I care about my past? :)))

Monday, 29 July 2013

Let’s Learn to be a Better Muslimah

Assalamualaikum, hello my blogworld! :D

                In status quo, it is not that hard to see a lot of numbers of muslim women who are covering their aurah by wearing head scarft. Apart from that, they are also excellent muslim women who has extraordinary achievement. Alhamdulillah, this is a good sign showing that by covering your aurah (most of them are covering their hair) doesn’t mean that you’re covering your brain. :)

                But then, there is a huge trend that is continuously coming up. It is the so called ‘urban hijab’ or popularly known ‘hijab style’. It’s a trend that seems likely a virus that easily get into most of the muslim women and spread it, at a nonstop motion. Yes, I do agree that we should look at things positively; yes I couldn’t agree any more about this. But then, if something that we’re seeing is going into the wrong direction, we should do something right? Alright, before I continue talking about this trend, why don’t we have a look at the guidance of covering our aurah and also some definition in it. 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Let’s Learn to Be a Better Woman (Wife-To-Be Journey)

Assalamualaikum, hello my blogworld! :)

                Hey, I am already 23 years old and I am about to get married with the one who loves me and he willing to grow with me through good and bad in order for us to be better. Yup, I am getting married, InsyaAllah when everything is fixed, of course all of my friends will be invited. This is a good thing; this is a huge pray, so I keep on telling myself that I should prepare myself for this one huge dream. :) 

                As I grow older, supposedly I should grow more mature right? But I am not so sure if I do grow maturely now. Pretty bad, but then at least I do realize that there are quite so many things need to be fixed. But for sure, the first thing that is needed in order for a better life with him in my future life, I should do something. Positive changes, I will call it. 

                For some people who know me since ages, they might realize that I have a very low level of patience. Yup, I am not that kind of soft hearted individual who will stay calm at most of the situation, especially when I am mad. I do not have a good self control for my anger. Well, I believe that anger and patience are two brothers who are related to each other and it suppose to be under control. ALWAYS. And because of that, in status quo, I am in the changing process of having better self control.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Moment For a Self Reflection

Assalamualaikum, hello my blogworld! :D

                This time I would like to share about two different things, but somehow both of the things are really matter to me. It is really important in terms of self actualization, self reflection, in order of myself to be a better person in the future. :)
                First of all I would like to share with you guys that I already decided to not submit any of registration form and the requirements for Community College Initiative Program 2014. Why? This important decision has been made due to certain important reasons. The big questions come out :

Friday, 12 July 2013

Catch Your Dream!

                When talking about dream, I believe it will be so close to our passion. It is the thing exactly we want, even I know sometimes (most of the times) it’s not easy to be reached. But one thing for sure, nothing is impossible. 

Friday, 5 July 2013

Muslimah World 2013 : First Phase Selection

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :)

I hope all of you are doing fine and have a great day. While me, as usual, always enjoying every moment of work, life and of course, love. Hehe ;) 

This time, I want to share with you about my participation in an event that is looking for a Muslimah Role Model. The event is Muslimah World 2013 and it was founded in 2010 by Ibu Eka Shanty. The main intention of this event is to provide a platform for a muslimah, of course those who are wearing khimar or hijab (as famously known) to inspire one another and learn to be better from time to time. I personally did not see this as a competition, but I think this event is purely to provide more support for talended, smart and sholeha muslimah to stands out and show what they got. 

A Day With Balikpapan Berkebun

Ive been following @IDberkebun on Twitter since few months ago, and seriously wanted to join if the community existed in Balikpapan. Stupidly, I never asked the admin about it, and until last week, when I was in Pendingin (I will have a special post for this one soon), I saw on Twitter that there is @Bpnberkebun! Oh my, after almost 8 months staying here? Yes, kinda my fault. -___-

Alright, lets go to the story. On last Sunday, after registration on Twitter (the event was a collaboration between @Bpnberkebun and @akberbalikpapan) I and my super partner went to the venue. I don’t really know where exactly it is located, I just follow my instinct. Hahahahaha But thank God, I found it. It’s in front of my favourite mall, Balcony (for the cheap movie tix, of course). The venue was Panti Asuhan Ummi (an orphanage). As usual, me, a super shy Icha slowly gets into the orphanage and standing in front of the door until the orphanage manager came out and asked us to get in the house. The house was quite big and in my honest opinion, it’s quite comfort (by looking at the living room) for the kids who are staying there. 

The orphanage manager, lets just call her as ‘Ibu’ (fine, I stupidly did not asked her name) invited us for a lunch. And we’re really sorry because before coming there, we already had our lunch after playing badminton with Well Services KAL Team. We’re seriously full. And of course, we’re on healthy diet program too. Haha :p After having lunch, the committee are preparing the presentation. As far as I know, @akberbalikpapan is part of Akademi Berbagi where they are focusing on teaching. So, that’s mean we were having a class on that day. Yeay! :D The class for that special day was about Urban Farming, the knowledge was shared by Pak Widodo, someone who is expert about farming (he is working with a company that provides plant seed and has his own business too). 

He taught us how to have our own small farm using poly bag and utilize the surrounding area of our house with green plant. The steps are seeding, planting and giving appropriate fertilizers for our plants so that they get proper nutrient. The steps are so simple and I can practice it at home (but now Im still focusing on my breakout & promotion steps, so maybe after I get my grade 8 I will have my own farm :) ). 

The class session

After the class finished, we’re invited to the backyard of the orphanage where we’re going to have the farm. I helped to carry the sand and fertilizer (from goat waste, if Im not mistaken). The fertilizers were really smelly! Haha :p But it’s okay, the experience much more worth it than the smell of goat. Haha :) ) The backyard area was so huge. The orphanage have their own  space (like a pond) that is full with cat fish (lele), have chicken farm and also goat at their backyard. The chicks and goat are the greatest enemy for the farm that we’re going to have, so that’s why they built a fence all over the farm for protection. 

Building the fence

First of all, before we start to put the seed into the poly bag, we have to prepare the sand + natural fertilizer. The ratio was 2:1 (sand : fertilizer). Oh ya, before going to the event, I bought myself a shovel and handglove, that has flower motif (I did not wear it because its too flowery, MALUUUUUU) -__-“. I used my shovel to help mixing the sand and fertilizers. I thought the goat waste smell was the worst part, but its not. WORMS are the worst part! Oh God TT___TT I dislike worms so much and accidentally tells it and one of the orphanage, Rizky was really naughty and he keeps on giving me fresh worms that he found in the sand. I shout and actually almost cry. Swear it. --___--

Mixing the sand + fertilizer

Fine, lets forget about the worms story. Now get back to farming session. :) ) After finshed mixing the sand and fertilizer, we put the mixture into poly bag, the amount of the mixture was ¾ of the poly bag. And then, we take the seed and take out the plastic wrap and put in the hole inside the poly bag. Put it until the level of the root so that the stem will not be rotten. And we’re ready to arrange the poly bags at the farm! :D

Mbak Nisa planting the seed :D

We spent almost 1.5 hours doing the farming. It was a good experience, where I got the chancee to be part of a community that really care about the environment, education and I could also get to know a lot of new friends and widened my circle of life. I hope the community will continue to grow and brings out positive impact to the society and environment, not to forget, to our nation. Apart from that, by having the activity in an orphanage like Panti Asuhan Ummi, it makes me realize how grateful I am to have a complete family and a very good life, compare to them, the unfortunate kids. Oh ya, my partner and I have a special mission for the kids there, hopefully we can make it real so soon. Aamiin. :)

The seeds, all green ^__^

That’s the story of mine. A day where I getting involve in a community in Balikpapan, the city where I was assigned by Schlumberger to work with (for, more suitable I think) them. 

Sorry if my English is so damn bad. Hihihi :p Have a good day, peeps! :D )

Note : All photos are belong to Kak @saputrakingdom