Friday, 12 July 2013

Catch Your Dream!

                When talking about dream, I believe it will be so close to our passion. It is the thing exactly we want, even I know sometimes (most of the times) it’s not easy to be reached. But one thing for sure, nothing is impossible. 

                Since I was a little girl, I always been dreaming to go to United States of America (USA). It’s not that there are no other countries, but I don’t know why, I just keep on thinking of USA. Actually, I’m not sure where to go in the USA,  but I just set on my mind that one day, for whatever reason in my life, I will step my foot in the country that just celebrated their independence day on the last 4th of July. 

                I know this dream may be silly enough for those of you who are luckier than me to be born in a wealthy family and you can go to any overseas country just like taking a trip to the next province of your hometown. But I have to say that, I have a dream, a silly dream, to take a picture of me in front of The White House, Statue of Liberty, etc. Not only that, I have a dream to experience the life style of the people, to live among them, to learn from them and bring back all of the knowledge and spread it as wide as  I could and let myself be beneficial to my own lovely nation, Indonesia. 

                Actually, I have few chances to reach this dream for the past few years. But then, there are a lot of things that I need to consider so that I was not able to do it before. I almost give up on it. Because I believe chances never come many times. If I already lost one, I’m not sure if another day in the future I may be given another. 

                The worries’ has gone yesterday. Since I found out that the program that I almost applied (due to work, I did not applied) is available this year. Yes, I am near to my dream, to go to the United States of America. I will give a shot to this program, Community College Initiative Program, supported by AMINEF. This a one year (10 month, exactly) studying program in the USA for youth around developing nation, include Indonesia. 

                Right now, I am in the preparation phase. I have downloaded the form, I have go through it, learn about what it are needed before the submission. Apart from that, I also browsed for the alumnae who shares their story on their blog. Alhamdulillah, there are so many Indonesian alumnae who post all of their efforts and story starting from the preparation, pre departure orientation and the program that they joined during CCIP. There are few requirements that are needed :

1. Completed application form
2. A Copy of English Test (TOEFL, TOEIC) (Minimum score of TOEFL ITP is 450)
3. A Copy of Original & Translated High School Certificate
4. A Copy of Original & Translated Diploma Certificate
5. A copy of Identity Card

                I do agree that this is an early phase of it. But I don’t mind. I will give a shot. I will give maximum effort to it. I will do my best. I will never stop praying. I will never stop learning. I will prepare my application maturely. Because I believe that if I never try, I will never know how far I can go. 

           I believe that whoever works hard and put maximum efforts toward their ambition, they will succeed. Man Jadda Wa Jadda. InsyaAllah, I will live up my dream to reality. I know its all depend on Allah, but if this one has fated to be mine, it will be. If its not, I believe Allah will give me another chance to shine bright. Aamiin :) 

                My dream is going to the United States of America, I believe CCIP will bring me there and make it a dream come true! I will catch my dream! :)


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