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Muslimah World 2013 : First Phase Selection

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :)

I hope all of you are doing fine and have a great day. While me, as usual, always enjoying every moment of work, life and of course, love. Hehe ;) 

This time, I want to share with you about my participation in an event that is looking for a Muslimah Role Model. The event is Muslimah World 2013 and it was founded in 2010 by Ibu Eka Shanty. The main intention of this event is to provide a platform for a muslimah, of course those who are wearing khimar or hijab (as famously known) to inspire one another and learn to be better from time to time. I personally did not see this as a competition, but I think this event is purely to provide more support for talended, smart and sholeha muslimah to stands out and show what they got. 

I knew this event by accident. I was reading an article in Kompas (online) and there was an advertisement banner telling about this event. I rarely click on advertisement, but this time I don’t know why, I clicked on it. And yes, after reading about it I am interested, really interested about it. I searched on Google for the story of the event, previous winner and finalists. And I end up being demotivated after seeing the story of the winner and finalists. They were superb! SubhanAllah, their achievements, their talent and their beauty really inspire me.  

I sit down, did some self reflection, pray to Allah, asked for His guidance. I know the fact that I have a lot of weaknesses, but I also know that behind those weaknesses I was given more strength by Allah to stand by my own feet. I remember that when I was a little kid, I am never afraid of trying something new; there were no boundaries between me and things I want to do. That kind of mindset let me think about joining this event carefully, and after few weeks the registration is being opened, I finally register myself. :)
I went to a photo studio near the place I’m staying. With no experience at all of being a photo model (because many participants are models :) ) I just did my most natural pose in front of the camera. The cameraman was so helpful, he directed me to do arrange my body gesture and position (in the most appropriate way, of course) so that the photo will looks good. Hhe :D Alhamdulillah, finally I made it. The most simple attire and the most simple pose I used for my participation. When the photo is ready, I tried to register myself. The registration process is online. But unfortunately, I cannot registered. For almost two days. I almost gave up at that time, because I was asked to go to Pendingin for my Field Exposure assignment before breaking out. For 3 days of no proper internet connection, I just hope that when Im back in Balikpapan, I can register. Alhamdulillah, the registration process went so smooth, just a moment after Im back in Balikpapan I finally can register myself. I have prepared the text for ‘My Hijab Story’, ‘My Achievement’ (Also part of ‘My Motivation’) and ‘My Social Activity’.   

I have done my part. I have done my effort to be part of World Muslimah 2013. Now its Allah turns. I believe that is something is meant to be, it will be. And if its not, I believe Allah will give me another chance to try on and shine bright. 

For all of you, my beloved family and friends, please support and pray for this event. Your prayers and supports are hugely needed. And not to forget, I would like to invite all muslimah out there who are talented, high achiever and shalehah to participate in this event. You guys can register here and the registration will be closed on 18th July 2013 (The committee extended the registration phase). Let’s join it and we can inspire each other (because I already inspired by many participants for 2013 :) ).

If you are interested, you may register here

This is my profile :


"I have been wearing hijab since I was in senior high school because of my surrounding. I attended a senior high school in Malaysia, where most of my friends are wearing headscarf to school, so I just follow them. My mother did not force me to wear it, because she said it depends on myself. If I can handle the attitude of a Muslimah who is wearing hijab to cover her aurah, please go ahead. At the beginning, I still cannot cope with it, I am only wearing a headscarf just to cover my hair, while at the same time, I am still wearing short sleeves and tight clothes, wearing tight jeans that is far away from the proper way of covering my aurah. I do realize it, but then I still have that kind of thoughts that it’s so not cool of wearing skirts or gamis instead of wearing jeans. As time goes by, as I grow older, within more knowledge I gained about Islam and woman, I have decided to fully cover myself. I have started wearing long dress, gamis or skirts when I am going to office or anytime I am going out. The trends of having various models of headscarf ever made me want to wear that extraordinary kind of hijab, but when I realize that it’s against the soul of Islam, I stopped. Furthermore, my hijab do not create any barrier between me and my career now as a Lab Technician in an oil and gas services company. Being a woman and a muslimah, I still can be as who I am even when I am working. Surrounded by men at the lab and even at the drilling location, by wearing my hijab, I feel safe and people around me have put the respect for me as a muslimah. I believe that being a ‘hijaber’ doesn’t mean I have to be exaggerated in showing off myself toward the public. Modesty is the main key, so that I could stand on the purity of Islam in term of my physical appearance. Apart from that, I also believe that I have to keep on improving in my attitude so that it could be in line with how a Muslimah should behave." 


"I want to explore more about myself, things that I could do and the things that I never tried before. Alll I want is to be beneficial to my society, my surrounding and of course to my religion. I have a strong belief that this event could provide me the platform to make it real. Apart rom that, I want to be the agent of change for all of muslimah out there. I want to stand in syar’ie line, have the behavious and act as how a muslimah should be. I don’t want more numbers of muslimah falling into those hijab style and that is far from syar’ie because I believe that the beauty of muslimah can come out from their simple and close attire and positive attitude. Because of that, I believe I should be chosen as World Muslimah 2013."

My achievements are : 

1. Invited & Grand Final Adjudicator of 16thJava Overland Varsities English Debate (JOVED) JenderalSoedirman University 2012 
 2. Invited &Grand Final Adjudicator of 16th ALSA E-comp University of Indonesia 2012 
3. Invited & Semifinalist Adjudicator of PNDC Lampung 2012 
4. Chief Adjudicator of Intelligence and Disseminating Aspirations (IDEA) Debate 2011 
5. Breaking Adjudicator of Founders Trophy,Universitas Indonesia 2011 
6. Indonesia Delegation to Tunza International Children and Youth Conference on The Environment 2011, Bandung Indonesia 
7. Runner Up of MahasiswaBerprestasiNasional (Diploma III Category) 2011 
8. 5th Best Speaker of National University English Debate Championship (Novice Break) Dipenogoro University 2011 
9. 3rd Runner Up National University English Debate Championship (Novice Break) Dipenogoro University 2011 
10. 1st Winner of Mahasiswa Berprestasi Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya 2011 
11. 2nd Runner Up of Kopertis II National University English Debating Championship (NUEDC) Selection 2011 
12. Invited & Grand Final Adjudicator of Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA) Senior High School Debating Competition 2011, South Sumatra 
13. 2nd Runner Up of National Polytechnic English Debate Competition (NPEDC) , State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya 2011 
14. 1st Best Speaker of National Polytechnic English Debate Competition (NPEDC), State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya 2011 
15. Fourth Winner of Polsri’s English Debating Competition 2010, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya 
16. Semi-finalist of MINEC English Competition For South Sumatra College Students 2010, South Sumatra 
17. Invited & Grand Final Adjudicator of Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA) Aids Day Debating Competition 2009, South Sumatra 
18. Quarter-finalist of National Polytechnic English Debating Contest (NPEDC) 2009, State Polytechnic of Bali 


"I have actively participated in volunteerism activities since high school. My social activities are divided into two. Firstly, is for humanity. A regular visit and donations is continuously being done in order I could help the unfortunate kids. As someone who is given more than them, I believe that whatever is more for us, will be useful for them. Apart from that, I also actively collect books for donation through Little Steps Movements and also SEED program by the company Im working with. Books are the door to a global knowledge, and these books are distributed to the orphanage and other unfortunate kids so that they will have a chance to gain more knowledge for their own future. Secondly, my social activity regarding the environment is by joining Indonesia Berkebun, which currently Im part of Balikpapan Berkebun. We need to take care of our earth as its going older by times, and I don’t want our future generation have to buy Oxygen supply because there are no more trees to produce Oxygen. Furthermore, Im also was chosen as Indonesia delegate to Tunza Internationa Children and Youth Conference, where I have the chance to learn a lot about green world and its sustainability."


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