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Let’s Learn to be a Better Muslimah

Assalamualaikum, hello my blogworld! :D

                In status quo, it is not that hard to see a lot of numbers of muslim women who are covering their aurah by wearing head scarft. Apart from that, they are also excellent muslim women who has extraordinary achievement. Alhamdulillah, this is a good sign showing that by covering your aurah (most of them are covering their hair) doesn’t mean that you’re covering your brain. :)

                But then, there is a huge trend that is continuously coming up. It is the so called ‘urban hijab’ or popularly known ‘hijab style’. It’s a trend that seems likely a virus that easily get into most of the muslim women and spread it, at a nonstop motion. Yes, I do agree that we should look at things positively; yes I couldn’t agree any more about this. But then, if something that we’re seeing is going into the wrong direction, we should do something right? Alright, before I continue talking about this trend, why don’t we have a look at the guidance of covering our aurah and also some definition in it. 

                The verse in al-Quran that is showing us on how we should cover our aurah, of course in the most manners: 

"O Prophet! say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers that they let down upon them their over-garments; this will be more proper, that they may be known, and thus they will not be given trouble; and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.(33:59)"

                It is clearly stated that how we should cover our aurah. I believe in one thing, al Quran is an ultimate relevant guidance for us, no matter in what era we’re living. So, we should not have any doubt about it, should not change any meaning that it’s teaching us even though we’re living in 2013. And the most important thing, we should not misunderstand what it brings. Apart from it, if we could not understand what it’s exactly means, we can ask to the pious right? ;)

                I have a confession to make. It is about me and those hijab style trends. At the moment the trend explodes, I ever tried it. Yes, I downloaded the video tutorial on how to wear style hijab like Hana Tajima, keep on searching about the most current style, buying those thin fabric that is obviously transparent, buying expensive unnecessary accessories for the sake of wearing my ‘kerudung’ with style. I don’t want to be left out from the trend. I want to look good too, like others who are wearing it. Yes, it was totally bad. Can you see at myself? Even I don’t have any good intention of wearing it beside of ‘to look good in front of people’. It’s true; it’s a sad fact about me. 

                As time goes by, I have wake up from this nightmare. Yes, I call it as a nightmare. I do admit at one point, I do look better, I do look good (Sorry for being vain). But then, it is not even in line with syar’ie at all. Not even any line in the Quran saying that we should wearing extraordinary hijab to cover our aurah. Hijab is not hair replacement, but that is what happening nowadays. :’(

                This is a letter to @hijabista magazine, a so called muslimah magazine in neighborhood country, Malaysia, was written by a concern muslimah. Please, take your time and read.   

Dear Hijabista ( @hijabistamag) , Hijabister

I am writing to express my concern over the portrayal of ‘hijab’ women in your magazine. I believe in the concept of modesty accompanying the muslimah attire (the hijab included) is a fundamental core one must embrace. The Hijab is not a replacement of the ‘hair’ we cover. The hijab isn’t just a cloth or layers of cloth on your head. It comes with a package. Of intellect, manners and adab. It is a symbol of the believing women, her ‘modesty’- A sign of dignity and pride. Your magazine bears no sign of ‘modesty’ and I say this clearly, this is definitely very WRONG!

Portraying hijab women and “doll-ing” them up like models in Vogue but then only to cover her hair is an absolute disgrace and mockery to us the believing women. What more the women and cover girls who allow themselves to be exploited as an object and fool themselves into thinking they are on their ‘Deen’ and pleasing Allah by just covering their hair… How can you even think you are pleasing Allah with all that make up, ridiculous styles whilst purposely showing off your beauty and body.

Your magazine just as the likes of vogue and cosmopolitan has NO intellectual nor spiritual dimensions to it except to brainwash and create an unnecessary desire to the ‘hijabisters’ to own more and more stuff. In reality, a real, true believing woman DOES not need to display her adornments to entice others. The believing woman has self confidence that what is INSIDE her heart and MIND will indeed be of much more value than all the silly bangles, sunglasses, shoes and handbags you bombard the pages of your magazine with.

Your magazine corrupts young, sincere minds into foolishly thinking that they are more beautiful with more shoes, accessories or ridiculous tudung styles they do not need.

The best garments as the Quran states is Taqwa. And tell me where, in which page of your magazine do you propagate this message? None, not one I’m afraid. It is clearly a consumer driven magazine casting a spell with women, where one will then start to wish on owning and buying or to ‘copy’ the ‘Photoshop-ed’ girls you portray.

I am afraid you are only destroying the hijab sisters filling their minds with superficial beauty. Please take a sincere step back and help many lost sisters out there to care more about diseases of their hearts instead of merely emphasizing a message of “what is important is how you look and tie your tudung’


A worried Muslimah

                How do you feel after reading it? Honestly, this letter shot my mind. I stopped for few second, a lot of things suddenly playing in my memory box like a film. It was about what I have been doing all these years. It is not a good thing at all. I realize that there are limits in what we’re doing, especially regarding the religion that we believe in. Those religions exist to guide us, to bring us the right path. So, why should we manipulate it based on our own preference? 

                This is the moment where all of us, the believer of Islam should wake up, stand together and reminds each one of us about what is good and what is bad. I believe that some of our sisters are contaminated and forgot where they should stand. It is our responsibility to bring them back, to remind them, to hold them. They’re already doing a good thing for themselves and our religion, they are already one step ahead by covering their aurah. But they took the wrong guidance in terms of how to cover it. We should do our part as muslimah sisters. Not just blaming them, but help them. Helping them to be better means we’re helping ourselves to be better too, right? 

Cuter, right? ;)

                I am in the learning process to be a better muslimah and I want all of my muslim sisters will also try their best to be better. InsyaAllah, things will get better one day. Aamiin. :)

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