Friday, 19 October 2012

A New Life Episode :)

Assalamualaikum and hello my dearest blogworld! :D

sorry if this kinda late and might be short, but I'll try my best. anyways, Ive been here, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan for my work assigned by Schlumberger since 3 day ago and because of some problem, I cant connect to the internet. its not that Im staying in the jungle, but my modem has no signal at all while in this staff house, KBC no 31, the wifi using password! no one here, thus I dont know whom to ask. -_____- finally, after asking to my friend who is staying in another house, I can use this free wifi service. hohoho :D

I am finally sign the working contract with Schlumberger. my first contract as a Lab Technician Trainee that contains blablabla benefits which I hope will benefit me too. its for the first year (12 months) + 2 months of bonus and THR, with the same amount of salary, yup before I get into SLB School in Kuala Lumpur. currently Im stauying the temporary staff housing complex in KBC. its only free for a month. hha after that I have to move out and rent a room with my other girl friends from SLB because, if I continue to stay here, I wont get the housing allowance, which is that huge amount of money. hahaha :P and also free transportation provided from SLB via Journey Management Centre, popularly known among us as JMC that manage all the transportation in SLB. whether its for in town, to office and especially to location. everything needs to be reported to JMC. 

but what's lacking is my meal. hahahaha I eat much and Balikpapan will burn out my purse for food! -______- its damn expensive over here, mama! I havent get my salary yet, due to the payroll process and etc etc, I will get my salary on 25th November 2012. bewh, still long time to survive with a very limited amount of pocket money *self pukpuk*  but yeah, just experience this one, and enjoy. anyway, Im working inside the lab, with full air conditioner, so no sweat at all, people! haha :P

My temporarry PKI for all access to SLB Door :D
maybe that's for now, very limited time to blog. I have to be ready for office. see you lovely readers! :))

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