Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The House

Its about a house and someone who ever stayed inside it.  

But now, the house is empty. No one is staying there anymore. What's left are only memories. Which so hard to be thrown away.

Till that one unknown time, the door will be closed. The key has been thrown away and the house is in a renovation phase. Dont ever come near.

Dont ever come near or even knock the door. You wouldnt want to see the windows broken into pieces right? Dont you feel sorry for the house?

Dont you see that the house is picking up all the pieces of broken windows? Putting it up together with a big hope that it wont break again.  

The window's so fragile, cant u see the label 'easily broken' on it? the house isnt blaming u for coming near but it blaming itself for that 

Because it allows you to get in, lock you inside and throw away the key. Far away till you cant find any way out. That's the mistake.  

Just blame the house for everything that happened. That's the only thing it deserved. Just let the colour turns black instead of colourful. 

Let the house be alone. Let it be left out. Let it fix itself. Let it be that way. If that will make it happy one day.

That's why the house need to be fixed. That's why its lock tightly now. No, its not going to perfect but its just want to be better. 

Better enough for someone who will come and stay in there. Hopefully forever..... 

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