Monday, 24 December 2012

Financial Management For Myself :))

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! 

Its getting near to the end of the year and also its time for my second salary from Schlumberger! Alhamdulillah! :) 

Well, you must already know how ‘big spender’ I am right? Yeah, its so hard to admit but that’s the reality. But now, Im trying my best with all of my efforts to have a better control on my money. Money management for myself. Because in my opinion, all these times, the money is controlling me, not me controlling the money. *sigh :|

Alright, now lets see how my effort going on. 

a) Put My Budget in Different Envelope

From many articles I read, these tip always being mentioned. Yup, using different envelope for every single needs of yours. Starting from now, Im using this method. I have calculated all of the money that should be spent in one month, take the cash from the bank and put it inside the envelope. For example, I need to pay my room rent, thus I will put the amount of the rent to the envelope before paying it to the owner. Another example is for my daily needs. I have calculated on how much I will spend for my meals and transportation cost (only for working days) and I can only use that amount of money. Its more than enough actually for a day. Hehe :D

b) Invest in Dinar & Gold

Hmmm this one is so damn important you know. Investing for my future! Hhe :)) some people my say Im too young to have an asset but don’t you know that when we start it soon than we can achieve our ‘free financial’ soon too? That’s why I realize I should take the action now. From everything I research to invest on, I found Dinar & Gold is the best. Why? The price is affordable, suitable with my salary and the place to save it also secure enough. Thus, from now on, every month I will spend the budget to buy these things. And InsyaAllah, I already have my targets to spend this asset soon. InsyaAllah, in a very good way. Aamiin :)

c) My IDR 20.000 Bank! 

This one started quite long ago, since I found @hanya20ribu account on twitter. After reading the rules of how to collect the money, I started to take the action. Yup, for every IDR 20.000 I get, it should be the right of my piggy bank. Due to business reason, few months ago I have spent the money in my bank, and now Im starting from zero again. But no worries, starting from 1st December until today, the amount of my IDR 20.000 in my piggy bank is increasing! Alhamdulillah :) it’s a very good habit that you can practice it too. Everytime you get the IDR 20.000 just remember your piggy bank and you will be very happy to do this responsibility. Hewhew :D

d) No More Bring My ATM/Debit Card

This one is quite extreme, but I have to force myself to do so. Because I have this bad habit of cant stand of looking at cute things, no matter I need it or not for sure I will buy it. and the result, I keep on spending money to unimportant stuff. huaaaaah x_____X so, I have decided to have control to my money and this is what Im doing now. Im keeping away my debit card whenever Im going. Because I already put the budget in those envelopes I mentioned earlier, thus I can only spend from that. Its hard, but I will try. InsyaAllah :)

So, they’re my efforts to have a control to my money. I hope I can always do this, all the times. And maybe, you who reading this post will also take an action to have a better financial planning and money control. Its not money who control us, its our responsibility to control the money we earn. Hhe ;) 

Good day everyone!



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