Wednesday, 20 June 2012


hello blogworld!

this is a serious post. about my future. not as an employee of the French based company, but a boss to my own business. well, I do have this ambition long ago, but not really taking it seriously until I met this one guy, who is my boyfriend now and Im influenced by him to let this dream come true! :D

the current status quo is I am a final year student, doing my final report, will be graduated in September and on my way to be hired by one huge oilfield services company. everyday, since few months ago Im spending much time in front of laptop and papers doing my report, meet the advisers and get scolded and sometimes get into classes on thursday, friday and saturday. and not to forget my debating stuff, still doing it even now. my crucial year. well, I love it. :))

but then, this status quo made me questions myself. is this the life I want? keep on doing routine, lack of challenges, bored lifestyle and not even meeting any new people to widened my network? I dislike it. totally. this is bored. but do I have choice? I did. but did I take the decision to make the choice? I did not. I keep on waiting. because I am afraid of taking actions. really afraid and I even once told my boyfriend how pessimistic I am when he ever told me about doing business long ago, before we get into this relationship.

as time goes by, I realize something. something which is really big and bold. and everyone, keep on talking about it. "if others can do it, why cant I??" yes, if a lot of people out there, no matter what are their background, can do it, why dont me, Malisa Sudirman cant do it? even better? I ever read this in a book, entitled '2' --> "jangan pernah sesekali ragu dengan kemampuan manusia, karena Tuhan pun tak pernah" and that's it, I am gonna make it. when? now. how? we'll figure it out.

yes, I might still in a very blur condition, no direction at all. but what's the use of others. my boyfriend is always here (there) to help. I do even have friends that asked me to start this with them. I have lots of sources, thank you the internet connection. and what's important, I have God. Allah SWT who will always grant His ummah that work hard and will always open His door to rizky. He was the one who let me live, and He will also guide me to fine the way on how to survive. Bismillah, lets start a new life people! :))

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