Sunday, 10 June 2012

to get married

hello blogworld! please, dont get me wrong when you read the title. Im not announcing that I am getting married at this early moment, but Im just telling my thoughts about this matter. :))

first of all, I would like to start with my own definition of marriage. to have one, is a combination of two strangers, yet you are boyfriend girlfriend before still, you're strangers toward each other. and those who gets into an arranged wedding, will be strangers furthermore. but, no matter what, in both condition, both of the bride and the groom are different individuals and the wedding is the next phase of the relationship. the real one. all of the hidden stuff especially your bad side will be exposed in a very short moment. in my opinion, a marriage is about be a real you and accept the next person who sleeping next to you every night for as who they are. marriage is about acceptance. my own example of arranged wedding is my parents. personally, I am refused for my own marriage to be arranged, because I have my own right to decide my own decision. but I am not denying, that arranged wedding is a good thing too. but please, my mama and ayah knows that I cant get into an arranged one. hha :P

second, when will be the right time to get into a marriage? hmm what a question right? *even me asking myself this* :P according to my 22 years experience of life *halah* as time goes by, the trend of getting married is getting older. its true right? just take a look during your grandma and grandpa wedding age, they are just teenagers! then compare with your parents, they are early twenties. and now, if you're 30 and still not yet married is a normal thing. especially for career man and woman. now, lets talk about my own opinion regarding this serious matter. personally, from the bottom of my heart *drama, as usual* I ever dreamed to get married as early as possible. not saying that when I got my first period I wanna marry someone, well its almost 11 years ago. hha early in term of modern wedding phase. time changed, so do people. if thirties are the most normal now, I want earlier than that. since high school, I ever planned to get married at 25. that's the maximum. at that time, I seriously had no idea who will marry me. pacar pun ga ada. haha :P but its a good thing to have that in your life plan. seriously. and until I met this one particular guy, who had the same thoughts as mine, came into my life and reaching the target, together. hee its not gonna be long, its gonna be very soon. when both of us are ready for everything we need in a marriage and our after life then. :)

next is what's needed in his next phase of relationship? a lot, I mean everything. both of you need to move into one place to stay not necessarily a luxury one, but if its enough for both of you then its ok. not necessarily to be owned by you but if you can afford a house before the marriage then that will be better. in my personal opinion, materials are in demand. I mean in acceptable condition. atleast to have enough facilities in a small place called home. again, in my opinion its not the responsibilities of the future husband himself, but also the future wife too. both, surely have own career and earn money by themself. then, why dont both have the small effort to have a proper financial preparation to start a new life. when its both hardwork, I think its much better rather than its only one side effort. may be the woman or man. apart from having the physical things, you (I) should prepare the mentally things. psychology. are you ready to get into this? is this the right person you wanna grow old with? is this the person who will listen to everything good and bad you say and act? is this the person you wanna be the mother and father for your kids? the most important thing is ask yourself. do self reflections, as much as you did. become a better person if you want to marry a good person. get others opinion. ask your parents. they will always have better thoughts, because they, eat the salt more *lebih banyak makan garam. haha* 

I think that's enough for the appetizer. lets get more marriage post after this! *kebelet? iya tapi belum waktunya. nanti, in the right time. right sayang? :) 

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  1. the beginning of life will start after the marriage...