Monday, 11 June 2012


Me :)

It was a moment of a life time, I was crowned as the Runner Up of Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional (Diploma III) Nasional last August in Jakarta. Every tears and heart broken has turn to the happiest moment ever. No one would have ever expect, that I would even pass the challenge, furthermore with flying colors. But everything that happens not to prove anything, but just to let them realize, I am a non-cum laude student, but you always failed to bring me down, because I do believe in my self.

The journey of getting the title wasnt easy at all. Moreover, when there are so many people who will really love to see you get into a deep hole rather than be a  star that shine a little bit more than them. Where your ability is also being undermine because you are more than below average student. I know who I am. I realize how my academic achievement is far away from you a 4 flat student. The lowest GPA and least achievements, what else can I do other than keep on praying and hoping for the best. With a very minimum knowledge of how to write a scientific paper (well, this one seems like me doing my LA at 4th sem). 

I started the journey with the only ability I have, a better English, written and spoken compare to other students, but still they are many those good English speakers in my major. actually I was forced to do so. to write the scientific paper which I never had any experience and no idea at all till finally the lecturers took the initiative to give me the title. during my major selection, they were two candidates left because others withdraw them self due to personal reason and both of us submit the things needed. our CV, the copies of certificates and our scientific paper. and suddenly, the announcement was made and I was chosen as the representative for my major to campus selection. right, it was unexpected, but then Alhamdulillah. for me, its a good start. for a average student like me. a high CGPA will never be a guaranty for you to achieve higher in life. (bold and underline that word)

then the campus selection was made at the end of May 2011. and I was the first candidate to present my paper, without any experience and only holding on my debating skill I finally made the 10 minutes of presentation in front of 8 juries. then, 30 minutes of Q & A sessions with them, it was a moment to remember. because I know I am not that good academically, but my 'ngeles' skill is higher than the lecturers ever thought. hhe Alhamdulillah, their questions were answered and I have to wait for other 10 candidates to present their paper. during that time, I give everything to Allah. I already did my best, put a lot of efforts on it and now its time for Him to decide whether I deserve that or not. the announcement was a long wait. till finally I was called by the committee and they asked me to prepare the submission for the national selection. I was quite blur that time till my Kajur said I won the title! Alhamdulillah, huge thanks to Allah :)

when the announcement of the national finalist were made, again I cant stop saying Alhamdulillah. I made as the finalist, out of other 9 from polytechnics all over Indonesia. but, the national selection date made me think twice, well many time actually. because the date is at the middle of my VT program at Schlumberger. and as far as I know, I cant just get the leave during my VT. but then, thank God that I have  a very sweet recruiter, Ibu Kris that she allowed me to postpone my VT till I finished my national selection. from that moment, I know that I have to again, do my best. because I already get the support from many people and tehy're praying for me. especially my parents. the preparation was made carefully and I get the help from some lecturers to learn about a lot of things for my nationals. they even force me to walk properly with my heels! hha 

the grandfinal of the nationals were held in Jakarta and I get all of the luxury, for free! yes, that's what Im waiting for. hhe :D they were 26 finalist there, 10 fro D3 and 16 for S1 students. though we're from different level of education, but we dont see huge gap among us. yet we can still get into each other and always have that togetherness, though we're competing. and that's good. the final selection was divided into few criteria. psychology test, paper presentation, English skill and extracurricular activities interview. and the selection was only made in one day and few dyas I spent in Jakarta was full of jalan-jalan. we were brought to Diknas office, Tukul Bukan Empat Mata Show, Seaworld, Astra etc. it was fun though its Ramadhan and most of us were fasting. and the announcement was made at Diknas and I get second, after my sweet room mate from Bali, Tina. and 3rd, goes to my debating friend, Fatma. 

Alhamdulillah, a very good life experience. and this is very valuable and totally unforgettable. especially for me, who always being underestimated and undermined. have a good day everybody! :D

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