Friday, 22 June 2012


hello blogworld!

yes, another 3 weeks to my final examination, SIDANG LAPORAN AKHIR and Im still struggling with the report. I mean having a really trouble moments with this. and a week before the exam, I have to dubmit the draft. am I ready? I dont knoooowww! -_________-

Im having this serious final exam sindrome. I cant sleep well. right now its hard, extremely hard for me to sleep. though Im really sleepy. Im eating more. more than usual Icha who eats a lot. well, I eat extremely lots. and sometimes, I forget my meal. see how labil I am?????

okeh, Im in huge galauness. I need guidance. Dear God, please help me. show me Your way. I know You will always give Your best for Your ummah. I need You..... :'(

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