Tuesday, 22 May 2012

they're precious

"Your parents may not be perfect, but they are the most perfect gift God has ever given you"
My Dear AYAH and MAMA :)

They're my dear parents, were given a chance by Allah to bring me to this world. to raised me up as who I am today. they are responsible enough regarding everything I need. their love and care are irreplaceable, with anything. they sacrifice everything for my sister and I. they will do anything just for us, just for us. yes I know, they might not had the chance like other lucky human in this world including me, to feel the most comfortable atmosphere to grow up and even until now, they still have to work hard to feed their daughters. and I salute them both for all they did for us, their daughters.

both of them, grown up in a situation that they have to survive under poverty, earn as much rupiahs as they could because they have other siblings, many of them. my ayah is the 3rd son from 6 siblings while my mama is the 3rd from 5 siblings. you cant imagine how their life was during their teenage years. my mama, in a very small village in pariaman ever worked as the coconut labour. bring a huge basket at her head and walked from the village to the main road to sell the coconut. its huge, and i ever tried to walked through the road, which still like the early days now, mud is everyway. really dangerous and with that thing on top of my head, i cant even stand properly, more over walk with it. its just a little story on how my mama survive just for the sake of getting some food for her family, well she lost her father (my grandpa) when she was little. my father, almost had the same experience, but he never told me. actually both of them never told me their early age stories. because they dont want to remember all the suffers and dont ever want me to be like them. *i heard the stories from my aunt and grandma*

since I was small, I wasnt really pampered. but kind of pampered. I usually gets what I want, and they tried so hard to fulfilled what I need. they dont want to let me down. even until today, they still do the same. they ever said sorry because they have to cut my monthly money because they have other needs. should they ever say sorry? they already give everything to me and just because a small thing they said sorry. I feel so failed as a child. I really want to help them, by reducing their burden. really hope I can do it very soon. really soon. 

when I said I always get what I want, its not that those things you imagine, readers. when I want to buy books, he gave me the book. but when I want a gadget, a handphone, nope they wont give me. I have to work hard to get the things you ever thought that it was too easy for you to get it. I have to put an effort. show a good result, achieve something. then, they will consider. as if the achievement worth the things I want. if you easily get that iPad, android, blackberry, macbook, im not like you. yes, this laptop was given by them because I need. the nokia phone also by them because I need to communicate with them too. but the smartphone, the modem, camera and other stuff that I own, it wasnt from them. because they refused to buy me. I had enough they said. if I want more, find it by myself. then here I go, work hard and get all those by myself. but I want to give them something too. one day, I will give them a very special gift. InsyaAllah... :)

my parents, for you may be not perfect in many ways, but they are the most perfect give that I ever got. I love them with all my heart and I will be their best daughter and will let them live happily in this earth and jannah. InsyaAllah, I will....

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