Tuesday, 15 May 2012

When These Words Being Said....

"Icha itu, ga pinter2 banget kok. kelebihannya Bahasa Inggris doank"

its not the first time I heard people saying this to me. too often. till one level I am feeling less enough to actually take any point to the words spoken.I dont care to what they says. they keep on telling the same things everyday, every hour till Im tired enough to even concern to each of the words coming from their mouth. well, you might wonder who are "THEY" right? dont be surprise to my story, they are my own lecturers. from the very first time I get into Polsri's Chemical Engineering, these words are already there. and its getting worst after 3 years. well, i do put my efforts on trying to get better result. but that's how my ability goes, an average chemical engineering student, have a very below average ability. if this a debate, then you will put me into a below average debate level with speaker score of 70 and Im failed in delivering my good arguments. 

maybe its true that I enrolled myself in a wrong major in college. well, its truistic in my opinion. hha but Im not regretting this at all, at any level. I did many good things during my college years. I achieved many things, even the most impossible said by those lecturers and everyone who looked down on me. I won a debate tournaments. I became the best speaker. I achieved Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional Award. I attended international conference. I was invited to adjudicate in a national debate tournaments. I am the scholarship receiver. I was recruited in an international company. those impossible things that they said I couldnt do. 

In my very own opinion, attending the college doesnt mean you have to be a nerd, only focusing on your studies and made you become the geek. its okay if you can achieve the 4 flat pointer, but for the average like me, finding other things that suit my ability, in order to cover up my average academic ability, I then become out standing. and I should be thankful to my English ability and so do them. if not because of my English ability, I wont bring Polsri's name to national level, because every time I went nationals, I will always mentioned myself from Polsri. yup, this girl who only good in english, not that smart in chemical engineering, but always taken for granted by you, heartless people!

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