Friday, 18 May 2012

this is not a random post

cewe : sayang, ikut aku ke toko elektronik yah?
cowo : ngapain? mau beli tv baru?
cewe : beli antena buat kamu biar bisa deteksi perasaan aku
cowo : *shit*

cowo : sayang, kita ke toko ATK yuk?
cewe : ngapain? bukannya kita masih kuliah -.-a
cowo : mau beli pulpen sama notebook biar kalo kamu setiap kali ada pengennya kamu tulis ke aku
cewe : *damn*

hello blogworld! what do you think of the opening of this post? isnt it ironic? first of all, i am not the expert of love matters. but based on what happened to me, few friends and books i read, then I come to this conclusion. well, its not really a conclusion, more into stereotyping individuals. boys are less sensitive to its surroundings and girls are complicated to be understood. in my opinion, only those couple who can go through this dilemmatic problem may continue their journey of relationship. but, for those who less courage to change and understand each other, might stop at the middle of the journey. second of all, this post is only an opinion of mine and if you get irritated by it, read it at your own risk.

lets start with girls problem. have you ever heard that only girls an understand other girls feelings? i think that's true. boys do understand them, but in a different way. the way girls understand each other is not stopping the tear drops from coming out. they let their friends cry. because the tears, represent how much the girl being so dissapointed about what happen and also how much she being hurt. she is in her deep heart broken, and by letting her tears, means she wanna let go all of her burden. while boys, thinks its not ok for girls to cry, and stop her. because boys usually get confused why girls crying. they dont know what to do. and for this one, i am not blaming boys. because i think they dont have the same psychology as girls and that might be a reason why they're less sensitive to girls. 

second situation, still for girls. when they are in need of something and their boys dont understand, or they understand but the pretending they know nothing or they understand but have few problems thus they have to pretend they dont know and hide their problem. is that so hard to understand what girls want? give her your attention, call her pretty, say I Love You whenever you had the chance, give her surprises and be with her whenever she need you. it might be simple by words, but its kinda hard to be taken into action right, boys? reasons for this? ask yourself, boys. but one thing for sure, the girls are not demanding for everything ive stated before, like everyday. but when its about time she demands for it, atleast, the boys please understand them. its not they're asking everyday, every moment. and for girls, understand you boys too. its not that they dont love you anymore and they should have certain priority that needs to be considered of. but please, never less priority your girls. 

now lets get the boys problems. boys, sometime have this 'man time' with their boyfriends. like playing futsal, just hanging out with the boys or whatever they called it. and sometime, they have their own busy stuff that they have to pay full their time to that matter. then, these unlucky girls have to wait alone and do stupid things and then get angry because the boy is not there with them. accused many things. including negative things. without asking, without thinking of the effects, without thinking if their boys have to do any obligation or what so ever they wanna do. and then, they end up arguing on small things. the only reason for the argumentation was the boy do not tells the girls what they are doing. doubts exist and they argue the whole day. right, isnt it show something? the girls is lack of sensitivity. selfishness is the main issue (for the girls) but the boys too have to be responsible. dont do things that you want without telling your girls. they also have right to know what you're doing. dont you know that they are afraid if you get another girl? girls are damn sensitive to their own feeling but sorry, they are selfish too.

second issue on boys. they are lack of feeling detectors. and its a fact. they are less sensitive in terms of knowing what their girls want. take an example of giving a present. sometimes, they failed to give something exactly the girl wants. and as the result of that, they get into an arguments. actually, this thing could be avoided. why dont at the very beginning the girls tell the boys what they want and with a huge effort the boys will try to fulfill it. but if the girls dont have the courage to do so, and just let the boys detected that by themself, than you should be thankful of whatever you get from the boys. dont complaint. but there's a different issue when the girl already tells the boy but the boy is stupid enough to put the effort on it, based on few reasons, then is it wrong for the girl to blame the boy? 

im not writing this to create a win solution to girls and blame the boys for everything. but, what im trying to do is to create better understanding for both parties. this is love, this is a relationship, where both individuals have to get better knowledge about each other and understandings are important. girls, be better in attitude, boys too. 

have a good day! 

-icha, a random writer-

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