Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Alhamdulillah :')

hello blogworld!

yesterday was the day of history *halah* :p I finally made it. the first step to my graduation, I successfully went through my Internship Seminar in front of 3 examiners, Ir. Erlinawati, MT. , Ir. jaksen M. Amin, M.Si and Ir. Mustain, MT. before the seminar I was really nervous, too many things in my mind untill few days before the D-day I cant have my quality sleep as usual. huaaaaaah :|

too many things that cant be explained by words. seriouly! one of the resius thing that  ever thought of was, if the lecturers do not find any chemical engineering related stuff, they might say i have to repeat another year and do my intership in a chemical engineering related industry. *that's an extreme thought ever -___-* 

but then, Alhamdulillah, it went smoothly. the questions were unpredictable! even they are some  funny moment when one of the examiners asked me in English, which was Pak Jack. in my opinion the seminar was more like introducing what is Schlumberger and my future position over there. :))

and now, after I made the first step successfully, lets focus on the second step, which gonna be harder. my final project! InsyaAllah, I can do this one too.. for the sake of my parents who never had any chance to get any proper education, for my sister that needs a good role model for her future and my boyfriend who is my biggest supporter ever, I am gonna my final project and successfully go through the final exam later. aamiin :)

I want this on my graduation day! :P

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