Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hello May! ^_^

Assalamualaikum, hello blogworld! Hello my lovely super duper May! Ayeeeee :D

It’s May again ladies and gentleman. The most important month, for each year. Where a Wonder Icha celebrating her born day. The day God allowed her to live in this world. It’s 2013 and it means, Malisa Sudirman is getting 23 years old this year! Huaaaah I cant believe it’s happening, Im old :’{ 

But yeah, I have to accept the reality that I am old. Haha Nope, Im not complaining about it, but Im gonna write my hope for myself. In getting 23, I should be more mature (as I always hope) in terms of everything I do. 

This is not a birthday wish or anything, but its just a form of expression. I have live my life for almost 23 years old and I hope Im not wasting my life just like that. I don’t know, I hope my 23 years of living, I already make a good impact towards my surrounding. To the people, to the environment, to my creature, Allah SWT. 

And also, Im thankful of my (almost) 23 years of living. I have everything. Things I never dream of. I have a super parents, who will do anything for me. I have a super little sister, who always fight with me but deep inside, I love her so much. I have a (future) super life partner who willing to stay even when I get mad. I have a good work with amazing amount of salary. I have good friends who willing to go through good and bad with me. I have super supportive big family, though they’re far away. Im grateful of my life.

Im Malisa Sudirman, Im getting 23 years old next Sunday which is 5th May 2013. :)


Still love Sate Padang, as always :D

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