Saturday, 4 May 2013

Im Here, For You

Hello blogworld! 

Agent W

Im typing this in the middle of my working hour, well, not that busy. So, I can focus on typing this post. haha :p

This post is dedicated to my current and hopefully a permanent life partner to me, Agent W. Im not keeping its a secret, but just name him as Agent W, because he's calling me Agent M. hihihi :D

Alright, let's go to the story. He was graduated from Politeknik Manufaktur Bangka Belitung in 2012, the same year as I am. He sign his contract earlier a month than me, so we attend different OFS1 Training. He is a Maintenance Technician Trainee in Sonde Lab Wireline segment in Schlumberger. His salary? We receive the same amount of basic salary and allowance but he already started to receive his job bonus. Unfair! -___-"

Hmmm but there are quite a lot of things that has changed since he found me. I think so. I mean, he tried to be my best company and partner. He always try his best to fulfill whatever Im requesting, no matter how hard it is. And my existence in his life, changed his routine too. It includes everything. I do feel worried about this matter. Since I realize it, I told him that we have to manage our time properly. I have my own work, and he has his own too.Well, we did the promise. To get back to our routine and not only stuck to each other only.

But, things are easier said than done right? He did not do what he said. He still spent his time with me. Going together to the office and having lunch together, still not a problem. But, he gets too attached to me. He spent his nights having dinner with me at the WS Lab pantry. going back together with me, and sent me to my kosan. It's not what we promised. And I feel that I have disturbed his focus. You know what, the first year in Schlumberger is to learn and focus only on that matter. It's a first step foe a long career in this company, and we, trainees have to perform our best to survive. And I think I have ruined his trainee phase.

He usually go back to his kosan after 12 am. Everyday! And also spend his weekend at the base (the office where we dont call it office. -.-) Because he dont have nothing else to be done and he just finished his time by studying. That's it. Studying continuously, preparing his school in November. He is a hardworking person, and Im totally proud of that. But, since I exist, he did not spend much time on studying. Im seriously worry about that.

Today, he said that his manager told him to stay focus on his work because his performance decreasing. How I feel? I think im not playing a good role in his life. Being too demanding of things that I want, till I forgot our mission. Yup, our mission that is related with our work. So important. I think I should be better. In terms of taking care of him, and this partnership. I should have let him focus on what he is doing. For now, let him study as much as he could, gain as much knowledge as he could, focus on his works, and support him in whatever he is doing. I should be an independent woman, standing strongly beside him and keeps on understand whatever he is doing. I can be demanding, but in certain circumstances, I should have not. 

So, Im here for you. To be your best partner ever, to achieve our mission. To keep on fighting in order to accomplish our special and important mission. It's  not only about me, not only about you, it's about us. Together, we will face the world! haha ^__^V

-Agent M-

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