Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Am I Ready??

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :D

Let’s get to the point. The main purpose of posting this brand new blog update. The title of this post is a question. Obviously, the question is directly for myself. Hhe :p 

Im not sure how to start it, but here it goes. Am I ready for the next phase of my life? Am I ready to be committed in a marriage institution? Am I ready to spend my life later, the whole of my life with someone I just knew about a month ago? Am I really doing this? 


As simple as that. I am doing it. I have built a commitment to it. And I will fight for it.
Well, the wedding and everything will not be happened this year, we have decided in 2015 just how I planned my year of my own wedding and it’s gonna be on February 14th, most likely 20 months from now. 

Just don’t be shocked. Or don’t laugh at me. Just pray for it. Pray that we are meant to be together and the upcoming days are worth to wait. Aaamiin ;’)

Why starts from the very beginning I have trusted this person? I just met him, out of so many Schlumberger’s male trainee, and employee, why HIM?? And out of so many man in Indonesia, why HIM??

The truth is, when he first tried to get close to me, I showed some kind of rejection. I’m just showing that

‘hey boy, this heart is already broken into pieces and it’s not easy to put it back together and if you just wanna play, just go away’

But what he did? He keeps on putting a lot of efforts. Just to get to know me. I can feel that. I was lucky. If I wasn’t away for my training in Kuala Lumpur, I might not know that he really have half of his heart for me. I’ve told you right, we never really talked to each other. And suddenly he fell for me. God scenario is far better than people could ever imagine. 
You might ask ‘why wait until 20 months’??

People, this thing is not as easy as I ever thought. For that one fine and special day, others are preparing for months and years. A lot of processes need to be done. A lot of budget needs to be prepared. A lot of things that need to be combined just for that day. 
Well, I’m not planning to have a ‘wedding of the year’. Hahahaha WHO AM I?? :P But, I just want to have that D-day all prepared by both of us, just both of us. We do not want to burden our parents, especially it regarding money problem. 

The first reason that we will wait for that 20 months, just because in status quo, both of us are trainee in the biggest oil & gas services company. We’re already a permanent employee, but unfortunately we have to undergo a year of ‘green hat’ before we can have a breakout and get our ‘white hat’. The most important thing, once we breakout, we will have more money for savings. Thus, our preparation will be smoother. Oh ya, not to forget, both of us already agreed to start savings from now (the maximum budget has been decided and we share 50-50 cost of it) until next 20 months. Or maybe 15 months, until the lamaran process. 

Secondly, we’re preparing our self for the marriage itself. Not just the wedding. Yup, being a husband and wife needs knowledge and preparation. We know that we might not get the real experience, but then again, preparation before the next phase of our life is really important. At least, we’re more mature in facing the situation, especially newlywed’s problems. I have proposed the idea to him for us to join a pre-wedding seminar. And he agreed. So, hopefully after we can have our vacation we will attend a pre-wedding seminar. If you do have any information about that, pleeeeaaassseeeee inform me. hhe :D

So, how’s the plan to  achieve that special mission? 

1. SAVINGS, SAVINGS, SAVINGS! Top list of priority. Hhe :D

2. I will meet his family in Belitung Island in December. Why his family first? Because he just got back after school in the US (which I still envy about this until now) and I just started to have my vacation. His hometown is super beautiful! :)))

3. He will meet my parents in Kuala Lumpur around March/April next year. Hopefully he already available for vacation. :)))

4. Lamaran & engagement – 3 or 6 months before February. Which one better, will go first. :D

5. The D-Day – 14th February 2015 (Nikah) Actually I want the akad and reception in one day, but if it creates more harm than good, let’s make it in two different days. So the reception on the 15th. I didn’t chose the date because of Valentines, because I never celebrate it, but it’s all coincidence when we are looking for the date. ;)

*all of the dates starting from lamaran till D-day is still tentative. Still need to discuss with our big family for advise* 

That is our plan. Hopefully Allah will bless us for what we are doing. This good intention to have two individual on a marriage institute, to have two big families to become one, hopefully everything will be just fine.

Yes, I realize that human’s plan but Allah’s decide. And we, as a human don’t know exactly what will happen even in next seconds. No need to worry, if we let Allah writes the scenario for us, InsyaAllah we will be very happy to accept the things that will be given to us. Aamiin….

So, my dearest blogworld, please pray for me and my future husband, Agent W. Please pray for our best.

Dekatkanlah…. Segerakanlah… Lancarkanlah…..

Note : I’m not posting this to ‘mempermalukan diri sendiri kalau ga jadi’ but I just want to share something good, which is a good progress in my relationship with him. I have a nightmare experience before and I’m not hoping to repeat another same history. I hope all of you will pray for the very best of us, our journey. If it’s meant to be, it will be. :’)

Amiin…. :)


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