Wednesday, 19 September 2012

a Graduation Speech

Hello blogworld! 

Alhamdulillah, finally I have graduated from my beloved campus, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya on 12th September 2012, and a the new journey has just started from that day. :D thus, I would like to have my graduation speech here, yup because I didnt get the chance for that at my campus because the speech was given by the ex-student President, Edwin Frymaruah, my friend from accounting major.

First of all, I would like to say my greatest gratitude to my God, the one I belief, because of His blessings, I become who I am today. for everything He had written for me, I couldnt even express how thankful I am. He has create a very good story for me, everything I have experience for all my life, especially during these last 3 years. things that I never thought of before, has become one out of thousands memorable study in a college, might be a dream of everyone. but with my condition, and my family, I never thought that Im gonna wear 'toga' one day. but then, God has given me that chance. things my parents never experience, seeing them smiling during my graduation day, everything's paid off. Thanks my dear God. :")

Secondly, my greatest thanks to both of my parents. the one who sacrificed everything just to see me having a better life compare to them. the one who worked starts from the early morning till late night, the one who fulfilled all my demands, the one who will do everything, just for me. things they done, things they said, everything, are so meaningful to me. I dont know how to pay back all that, really. but I just pray my best to the, dunia akhirat and I will always try my best to let them have a better a life than before. as long as I been given the chance to see them in this world, there's nothing else to be done except seeing them live happily and no more working that hard. I'll try, my dearest parents, thanks for everything :")

 Next, I would like to say my uncountable thank you to "Kakek2 Bersuara Kodok", you know who you are. hhe Thank you for ever came into my life and being a part of my soul, thank you for the love and care, thank you for the endless support, thank you for the sms, thank you for the phone call, thank you for the voice, thank you for the time, thank you for the moments, thanks for everything that ever happened between us. things that are unforgettable for all my life. you will always be a part of me, forever. :")

lastly, I would like to say thank you for everyone, from the lecturers, classmates, EDS Polsri members, friends, family and everyone Ive ever known, to make me finished this journey as a college student. its not just the end, but its a new beginning, for a new phase. to the real world, good luck for me and everyone! :D

me! :D

Sebelum kuncir dipindahin. hhe :P

smile of mummy & daddy <3 br="br">

Im a graduate! :))

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