Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life is to Learn

Hello blogworld! 

today is a brand new day and I have to be strong in facing it. Im turning myself into a positive Icha, creating a better mindset about how life suppose to be and I will get through it. InsyaAllah. :D

yes I know, I might be the most labil human creation in this whole wide planet earth.and plus, regarding self attitude, I might be the most inconsistent human being too. yeah, blame my dark side for that. hhe :P

actually, I have nothing much to say. because I dont have to create that good image in front of you. its always better for us to be ourselves and its always better if we improve ourselves everyday. and that's what Im trying to do now. learning to be better, each moment I could. 

God gave us life within a purpose. in my opinion, He wanted us to learn. to learn in accepting, understanding, tolerance, and in a whole idea of being a better person. learning means improving. each second, each minute, each hour and each day, we're doing the process. and its back to us on how we facing the process.

why I say so? because everyone going through their learning process in  various way. for some individuals, they have to face certain failures in examination before getting into their favourite university. for other individuals, they have to face a huge bankruptcy in their business before getting a stable one. and maybe for some, they have to experience of losing someone they love before having a better love in the future. and these things, have its own meaning. 

if we ever lose something, we will learn to appreciate what we had. if we ever failed on something, we will learn on how not to giving up and keep on trying. even if we ever felt the most happiest moment in the whole world, we learn how to be thankful. God is creative, He gave everything we need in His own beautiful way. and I thanked Him for everything I had. even for the thing that I will never have again in the future. 

I think now you know why I posted this. you might have various definition for this post, and its up to you. good or bad I'll accept it, with an open heart. because life, is to learn. good day! 

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