Thursday, 27 September 2012

a New Addiction

Hello blogworld! 

its me, your annoying Icha is back on track! arent you happy seeing me like this? hewhew :D yeah, I know its been so long me drowning deep down in the ocean of sorrow and its about time for me to wake up and be strong! yes! :D

as for now, Im happily working with my new addiction. yep, beside blogging routinely with a better manner, Im also doing this recording stuff. Im singing online! hahahaha its not that extremely good voice tough, but yeah, Im doing it for fun. and to break my boundaries. to believe in myself. things I never thought I will do before, im doing it now. hhe :))

this not a new addiction actually. well, Im a super amateur bathroom singer with a super weirdly amazing voice. hahahahaha :P and love doing that. singing while taking bath, means something to me. at least, I can imagine how the life of those big stars while pouring water to my body. hihihi :P

and I should thank this android application named Soundcloud, available for android and iOS, where you can easily download that at the playstore, for free of course! yeaah, we love free and good application! :))

you know what, even professional artist also using this. as a form of promotion, why not right?  and obviously Im using it without any intention of promotion. daaaaaa -,- Im using it just for the sake of having fun and trying something new. for this time being, I already recorded 2 songs, and I dont think its can be considered as good. even to say ok, might be hard. haha but yeah, I just love doing it. no matter what people say, I will do things I like. just like this blog. because I love it. :D

if you're wondering about my froggy voice, here check this out and if you're afraid my voice will ruin your day, just dont click it. hahahahaha :D

good day people! :))

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