Wednesday, 26 September 2012

a Road to Become Stylo - Part I

Hello bglogworld! 

how do you feel reading the title? hha sorry my dear readers, doesnt mean to disturb you with that title but its just pop my mind. somehow, its catchy tough. hihihi :D

I have this one obsession on photography. but at first, I dislike to be captured as the object. because Im shy. REALLY. I mean it. I know who I am. yeah, not that camera friendly after all. hahahaha :P

but yeah, I found its interesting when we can capture our own figure, touch it up with some help of photography application on my android and laptop, its fun actually! :D

furthermore, this is my blog. and I can post anything I want, as long as it does not create harm to other people. and I believe that since day one I blogged, I did not create harm to any of you. *eaaa :P 

and here we go, my first post for fashion stuff. yes, finally! hohoho :D 

this one was taken quite long, yeah sorry dear kinda late. but still, better late than never right? 

for this one Im wearing a pattern long dress, red cardigan, two tone pink scarf, leather sling back and bling-bling flatshoes. this is the 'raw matterial' pic

and this is how it looks on me 

those things, which mine only the long dress and the scarf. the bag, shoes and cardi was given by my mom's friend. its not new actually, but still in good condition. yes, I love those! :D

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