Friday, 23 January 2015

Why Him?

                We met at early 2013, where I really has spoken to him. Before that, he was another new employee like me, usually we came back home sent by the same car, very late at night (trainee’s life, never been easier). Whenever I had a chance to look at him, I really thought this boy (yeah, fresh graduate, right?) is quite arrogant. Well, it’s my honest first impression towards him. But life is very unpredictable right? When I was away for my BLT school in KL, everything started to change. 

                Starting from a so called social media named Facebook, this boy requested to be my friend. Started liking most of all my posts on Facebook but never ever try to chat o FB or talk to me in real life. Honestly, I do have a feeling that he likes me. HAHA Indonesian said, GeEr. Then when I was in school he started to post this, on my FB :

                Isn’t that obvious to you? Well, it does for me. HAHA. So, Im trying my best to just go with the flow and not expecting much because just let God do the surprises. Started from FB, then we chatted via Microsoft Lync (internal for Slb employee) and finally using WhatsApp. Not just that, but he also sent me songs that he sang by himself with acoustic guitar also by himself. I thought that this boy was very talented and has a very good sense of music (his music taste is likely the same to me, so by that I claim he has a good sense of music :p). Did I fell in love by this? Nah, not really. This is just the beginning. Due to my past experience, I do not want to be hurry. I’m just being slow but sure. 

                When Im back to Balikpapan, he asked me out. We really talked to each other. It was a deep talk. From heart to heart. EAAA. And the most interesting part was, the place was quite romantic for Balikpapan area, it was Ruko Bandar (various restaurants built above the sea, and most are decorated with candles) but I forgot which restaurant we went. After the talk, Im still in doubt and most of the times I just cannot believe it. The fact that he is younger than me and Im just a girl next door who has nothing to be proud of and he wants me just the way I am, could it be real? Since I ever experienced that. But then, everything was destroyed just in a moment. So, I really need think deeply about this matter. 

                As time goes by, I realize one thing. He’s not a boy. He’s a man. He found the key to my heart, which I’ve thrown away because I want to take good care of it since it’s already broken before. His love and affection were real. He’s a mature man. He’s not a boy. Age is just a matter of number, but his mindset and attitude is far away better than mine. So, I’ve decided to let him in and stay, in my heart. Who knows that was a start for a something good in the future (which is now).
Now, let’s check what are the qualities he had until I decided to marry him.

Ketika masih alay :P

He never let promise just be promises, he makes it real

                This is the quality that I’ve been searching for since my past (bad) experience of having partner. He never just says things. He never gives promises. He directly turns it into reality. He wants his parents to meet me, he brought me to his hometown Belitong. He said he wants to ask for a marriage, he came to Kuala Lumpur to meet my parents. That are the examples out of many things he made real. Even marrying me, he did not just promise like “one day I’ll marry you”. But he agreed on the date we picked and he prepares everything with me for our married life.

He’s good at compromising and solving problems

                In a matter of age, I am older than him, but in term of maturity, he’s better than me. Arguments are unavoidable. Sometimes we do have miscommunication that leads to ‘cold war’. Most of the times, he was the one who let things become normal again. He taught me how to compromise on things we disagree. He taught me how to face problems that actually really small but then with my ego, it’s just become very big.  He didn’t let me become him, but he let me become better Icha in terms of facing reality of life. 

He did not love me as I am, he grows with me

                Our motto is ‘SALING’ which means we do things for each other which brings better impact.  That’s how we grow. If he’s angry, I’ll be the one who calm him down. If I cook badly, he’ll give his constructive criticism. If both of us are acting silly in front of people, then we need to remind each other on how to behave. It’s not easy, but it’s for our own good. We learn to give and take. Give opinion about each other and take advice on how to be better in our life. 

                So, there are the qualities that I see on him. He’s my husband now, the one who own my love and respect. The one I’m sharing my life with. The one I’m sharing Jannah, InsyaAllah. Hopefully you readers, will find your soul mate soon. AAMIIN :)



  1. Termasuk cepat, dalam kurang lebih 2 tahun ya. :)

    Semoga bahagia dalam hubungan rumah tangganya ya :D