Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Learning to Respect

                Nowadays, normal people can easily become celebrity. Instagram for example, an easy access for everyone to become famous with numerous numbers of followers and getting free stuff from endorsement. Well, do I have problem with that? Previously I might have problem with that. But now, let’s learn to respect people and their choices. 

People who keep on updating selfies or keep it as their own privacy

                The power of internet has magically turns people private life getting live on the social media. Telling the world where they are going, posting photos of their pretty and handsome facial expression, photos of their food, photos of their shoes, photos of their dress and many more photos. Yes, especially photos. Honestly, I did that. Sometimes or maybe most of the times. While some others who rarely update their social media, their Instagram is empty, they have no likes and it seems silent. Some called them anti-social. Really? My husband and I are one of the examples of these two. I am the one who become more into social media while he just being him. Updating once a while and don’t care what people say. So here I learn that the two sides of this story. It happens to other people to. They are doing what they like. If they like posting things on social media let them be. If they like being a pious man on Facebook, let them be. Learn to respect, because sometimes we are doing what exactly they are doing. Social media is easy; you can hide things you dislike without removing them from your friendlist, right? 

Working mother or stay at home mother (might be working too, might be just a mother)

                Since I am a newlywed, and ever post about this stuff, yes, I keep on thinking about this matter. A huge decision needs to be taken later. Later when a ‘tiny jelly bean’ (currently, NOT YET) grows inside my womb and become the little angel in our home, I really need to consider the good and harm for our baby if I stay working or become full time mom. Before deciding for myself, lets learn to respect to the mothers out there who work their ass off from morning till late afternoon or even till night and to the mothers who become a home warrior taking care of their baby and the whole house when the husband working. Well, I’m not saying the working mom do not care about their children, husband and home ya. People tend to judge. Including me. I did judge women at my office that they do not care about their child by the way they talk about their children. And sometimes I did judging the women who stay at home are just letting their husband take the burden alone by searching the money. Obviously these thoughts are wrong. I’m sorry for both mothers. I know you have your own reason of doing so. Whether you are working or staying at home, both are for the sake of your own family. I’m learning to respect your choice, since I know one day, ready or not, I’m taking the same decision also. 

Stay single or having boyfriend/girlfriend or get married

                I have experienced all of the phases. HAHA. I had crushed on a boy when I was 11 years old. Next, when I was 15. After that, when I was 19. All of them are unspoken. Then my first boyfriend when I was 21, which ended terribly. Then I got married at 24. Yes, from puppy love, having crush on boys, very bad long distance relationship and happily married to the man I adore, I am thankful to God for letting me experience all that. So now, what should I do about other people? Respecting them on these things. I do have friends in all stages of life, being single for a very long time due to dedicating life to Islam, which of not having any relationship before akad or just being single because the parents are not allowing them to or just not yet find the one. Then, I do have friends who are being couple since forever; engage years ago but not yet akad, or just being couple doing everything the like. Lastly, I have group of friends who are married, very young but already have children (s), and just found out some cases are MBA (married by accident). That’s the variety of people surrounding my life. Sometimes, well, most of the times I did judge these people. And might be, most of the times too, these people are judging me. Honestly, these aren’t that necessary. I have no right at all to judge. They are enjoying their life, why should I bother. If they want to have a girl/boyfriend for 10 years, is it my problem? If they want to be engaged for 15 years, do I have any issue there? If they are married at a very young age and have many children, am I part of their life? The answer is clearly NO. Let them be with their life as long as they are happy and they are not disturbing us. But if we think they are doing something wrong like MBA case, maybe we can share some advice. But please, look at the mirror first then think. Are we eligible enough to remind them or not?

                This is the post I’m dedicating to myself. I’m reminding myself. If these post hurting anyone of you, I’m deeply sorry. I suppose no one is purposely mentioned directly or indirectly by this post. Enjoy you days, beautiful people. :)

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