Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :D
Happy new year and hope all of us will have a blast year ahead! Well, times run so fast and its now already 2013 and thank God 2012 wasn’t the end of the world. Poor the Mayan. Hhe :p Alright, a new year doesn’t only means a new number, but it should be another new beginning of our life. Especially my own life. 2013 should be a whole new start for me, in everything that is related to my life. So, now I will share with you what are my new year resolutions. Enjoy! :D
1.       Become a Better and Mature Daughter & Sister

Hhe :D this is my biggest ambition, since long ago. I don’t know whether now Im already become a good daughter to my parents and good sister to my sister or not. But I know I should put more efforts on this. They’re my life, my everything. They mean a lot to me. they’re my priority in everything I do. I don’t know how to pay back what my parents already gave me, but then I know I should do my best just for their happiness. Im getting 23 this year, and all these years Ive been supported by my parents. And now, its time for me to take their responsibility. Nothing will be hard enough for me if Im doing it for them. For me, family is not a choice, but priority. Because of them, Im here. InsyaAllah I will do my best just for them. :)

2.       Improvement in My Behavior and Attitude

Hmmm this is one out of the thousands of important thing that need to be improved. I should admit that I have a very huge attitude problem. Im not thankful, Im arrogant, I have few friends, I don’t have enough understanding? You name it. and the list will goes on till… I don’t know, there’s just too much.  Im not a very good person. Even toward myself, furthermore toward other people. Im a whole lot of trouble, Leona Lewis said. Haha -,- But then, I thank God for let me staying alive till today and still have the chance to improve myself. Its better late than never right? In conclusion, for the first resolution, I will try my best to be a better Icha. I will try to be more friendly to everyone, welcoming new people to become my friends, not taking them for granted, be more understanding, and be nice to everyone. I just want to be treated as nice as I could so, if I want to be treated that way, I should give the same right? ;)

3.      Increase My Savings

This is my huge goal! Hhe :D To increase my savings and fight against my ‘shopaholic disease’ -__-  yup2 Im a big spender and always (most of the times) spend my money on unimportant thing. Huaaaaah TT____TT but now, slow but sure, Im ready to control this disease and my money wisely. Like my previous post, Im having a better financial plan now and will only spend my money on the thing I need, not I want. If I spend on the things I want, for sure I will buy everything because I want everything. Zzzzzz How do I take my action on this? Of course by using the envelope system, keep my IDR 20.000 whenever I got it and buy Gold and Dinar. Hewhew :D Im trying to have better future by taking this action. You’ll never know how your life would be later right? So, its much better if we take the actions now. :D

4.       Business Expansion

How do I start this? Hmmm kind of a huge dream right? But then, everything started from a small dream. Hhe :D I already have my own clothing line, but then, for the status quo its vacuum for a while. Due to several reasons and I think, 2013 should be the time to re-open my Little Blue Dress Boutique. :)) After a long time, I realize having this baby is my passion. I should take good care of this baby so that it will grow bigger, taller and stronger. Nothing is easy in this world, includes this one. I should put my special focus on this, working on my targets and then make it big. By the end of this year, InsyaAllah Indonesia and Malaysia will know my Little Blue Dress. AAMIIN :D

5.       Health & Beauty

This issue is also important and needs a special focus too. I really want to be more healthy Icha, yup in terms of health I kinda need help. Breathing problems, gastric, easily get sick, and sometimes nose bleed isn’t a good sign for me. I know I should take good care of my health, nothing else matter than this. Wealth cant buy health. :D another thing is beauty issue. Haha :P Hello, Im already 22 (and getting 23)  if Im not taking this matter seriously, what will happen to me later on? Heuuu -___- Before Im officially working at the lab with the cement and additives, I don’t really have a serious skin problem. But now, it’s a HUGE problems to me. Pimples coming nonstop and my skin become more oily and have many breakouts. Huaaaah TT____TT so now, I think I should take a very serious action for this. I cant avoid working with cement which is obviously dusty, but then I can take preventive and preemptive action toward it. So now, skin care is my major issue and I will fight t to get back my original skin! :3

6.       Family Vacation

This is my another huge dream. Yup, it’s a family vacation! I really hope that my vacation this year will be with my family. You know what, when I was a little child, I ever felt jealous of my friends who can easily go anywhere they want during the school holidays. While me, stuck at home because my parents cant afford for that. Now, I realize that I can afford it, InsyaAllah. Thus I have decided to bring my family to one of the beautiful Island in Indonesia, Lombok. InsyaAllah, Im going there with my family. I will do my best to make it real and of course it will be one of the best moment in my life. Please pray for this one yah! :D

7.       The One

I will be back to the previous Icha, before I found someone who stayed in my heart for almost a year back then. Yup, im getting my normal life back. Back to Icha who never think that much of what people said and think too much of having the one to completes her life. Im back with a few added terms and conditions. Im preparing myself. Yes, preparing myself for the one who was fated for me, to be my life partner. And I know, I should be better and better if I want to have a good life partner too. He, which I don’t know whom obviously the best human God has  created for me. and I should be the best for him too. I hope I will stop looking back at my mistake and regret it. what I should do now is learn from it and be ready for whoever will come for me in the future. :)

Maybe that’s all for my resolutions. There are more actually, but maybe this 7 resolutions are more than enough. I hope I can achieve it. No matter how hard it is, I will try. InsyaAllah. :D


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