Monday, 6 August 2012

it's a new BEGINNING :)

Hello blogworld! 

Hope you are having a very good and full of bless Ramadhan! its day 17, and hope everyones doing fine and can increase our Ibadah during this holy month. :")

I dont know why, this year's Ramadhan seems a lot different. after everything that happened to me, I learned a lot actually. a lot of things to evaluate about life, especially my own self. my attitude, that is in a crucial level of changes need. no one can change me, beside myself. yayayayaya always listen to that word, till Im tired of listening. hhe :P

am I never change? am I just the same Icha that everyone knows very jutek, temperamental, easily ngambek, and all those negative (dark) side of me? hmmm I dont know. I cant judge myself. its you, people around me, who judge. who reminds me for everything wrong I do. or maybe you just being tired of me just being me, and always become a trouble maker, thus you wouldnt even care anymore? I dont know. I did my efforts, but like I said, nothing is instant. a long process toward betterment is on its way. just hope this will bring to a better thing in the future. InsyaAllah.... 

Im taking this Ramadhan moment to start everything all over again. to start building my own self, in a better way of course. to start a new single life, as how I ever had before, obviously in a lot of better manner. I mean, no more galauness on my twitter account and no more extreme galauness on my blogpost. hihihi :P to start a career at that blue coverall company, InsyaAllah. to start helping my parents, to reduce their burden. to send my sister to further her studies. to be a wonder daughter and sister for my family. 

this is a new beginning. you will find a new me. InsyaAllah.... :")

keep on smiling, nenek2 cantik. hihihi :P

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