Saturday, 4 August 2012

a lesson learned ^__^

Hello blogworld! 

its been awhile Im not typing a proper story for you, sorry for any inconvenience. well, you know me lah, when Im not in the mood to blog, this blog will be left like a haunted house. but when Im in the mood of extreme galau-ness, this blog will make you non-stop vomitting. hihihi :P 

okeyh, now I would like to share a story about a lesson learned today. please, do not assume this is about a relationship matter! *I know people are tired of my galau-ness on social network* -,- alright, the lesson learned was reagrding my business matter. remember that I already started my own online business? yup, Im selling shawls for those hijabers. based on the promotion I did, with all of the efforts, I did gained customers. who put their trust to me by buying my products. Im just being thankful for my lovely customers! ^__^

enough with the opening, now lets get into the serious matter. I learned about a business management. on the process of making the product ready for your customer. to maintain a good supply to the demand. this time, for my first attempt, I did some mistakes. I dont know whether this came from me or my supplier, but there's a miscommunication between us. my orders are here today, but some of the shawls are not like what I ordered! furthermore it even took 9 days to come here. I was quite angry when I opened the package, because this is the first time that what I bought on the internet isnt the same as the pictures showed. 

I was really disappointed because of that. if its my own order, that will be fine for me, but that's for my customer. what should I say to them? I want to return the products, but this will take time. a lot of time. and Im going home by 10th August. I know its my mistake too, for not putting maximum effort to this business. but I think my supplier should also realize that they're making the mistakes too. I informed them. and they havent respond to that. yet (till this blog typed) if there any chance for the product exchange, I would really love to do so. but then, Im stuck with time. as if my supplier is near my house, or atleast even in palembang... -.-

now, I have to explain to my customers. thank God they havent paid any yet. means, COD. atleast, Im not taking any advantage on my customers. I should keep their trust. because Im not only doing this business only for this time. but for a long time phase. this is my passion, what I want. thus, I should improve my service to my customer. maybe in the future I will prepare a ready stock products for my beloved customer. they will dont have to wait and can wear it directly. step by step, this business of mine will be big. InsyaAllah. a good lesson learned, and I learn so much. :D

-good day, people-

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