Sunday, 11 October 2015

How’s Life?

Asslamualaikum, hello my long times no see blogworld! :)
                Its been a while, well its quite a long time to be précised that I haven’t post anything on my blog. My kinda lame excuse will be “I don’t have time” but its not even acceptable due to I should make time to spend some time typing my valuable ideas to be posted on this dearest blog I have. Anyway, how are you doing my dearest friends? Hopefully all of you are enjoying life as much as I do and dont forget to be happy no matter how hard your life is. 

                Recently, Im having an inside conflict between my heart and brain. Honestly, it happens at most of the times. But not until this recent that I thought that my heart and brain are contradicting each other at all events in my life, even when they are not even needed to do so. My brain said it wanted me to do A but my heart said it might be better if I do B. Then, it ended either Im not making any choice at all upon the choices I have or Im making terribly weird yet mistake on my choice. 

                People tend to advise that most of the times I should be following my guts, my faith on things I wanted. While some others think I should be more realistic upon deciding things. Is it applicable in current and future time, is it beneficial for me and people around me or is it really necessary now. In fact, they are true, which is, in every decision in life we should consider everything, before finalizing anything. I did it every time though. 

                Or maybe, Im just being too dramatic as I always be in making my own ultimate decision in life? Or maybe I forgot something that matter so much in life and cause this such drama? I thought so. I forgot to include Allah, my creator, and the greatest for His humans. Maybe I haven’t given my everything to Him or maybe Im lack of including Him in my daily life. Keeping life simple, include Allah in everything you do, never blame brain or heart on silly decision we made, because its back to us, personally. Anything good comes from Him, anything bad is by my own mistake. 


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