Sunday, 10 November 2013

One Year Seniority

Hello my blogworld! 

            Its been so long since my last post, really sorry about it. I was focusing on my breakout phase and my laptop was borrowed by WDS due to his was broken and needs laptop for his school preparation. But no worries, now I am back on track, to colour your day with my thoughts. Hhe :D

            This post is intended to share with you about my one year seniority in Schlumberger. Alhamdulillah, on the last 16th October 2013, I already one year in here. Not to forget, on 1st October 2013, I was promoted to Lab Technician 1 (Grade 08). Life seems good for me, isn’t it? Thank you, Allah <3 span="">

            Going through this one year in Slb, I have gained a lot of experiences. It includes the life as an LT, adapting with new environment and people and also be a mature and grown up lady. I never thought that I will survive here, resignation ever crossed my mind, but for the sake of a better life and my family, I finally made it. 

            One year in Slb means one year living in Balikpapan. The whole year, I learned a lot about this city. Not just learned, but somehow I love this place. Despite of the life cost seems so expensive and routine blackouts, I love this place. At least its developing itself. Im thankful that Im not assigned in Duri, where there is no even a cinema. I can go to the beaches on my weekend, though its not up to the class of Bali beaches. I can eat the super delicious ‘nasi kuning’ and can jog around Lapangan Merdeka. Life is good, no matter what is the condition, be grateful and enjoy the moment! :D 

            Adaptation also includes the people. For your information, at the lab where Im working, its full of above 30 years old individual, there are my supervisor and my colleagues. The newcomers are in their twenties. Well, there are only 4 people at the age of 20+. I have to accept the reality that I am working under a conservative supervisor. I have no doubt in her experience, more than 12 years in Slb, she knew everything about cement slurry technology. Not to forget, I have senior colleagues that are assigned to work together with me in shifts. I have to learn how to communicate with them, show my respect and do the work correctly. One thing I know is, I am working, the company pays me every month, I have to deal with people and slurry design, I will do it maximally. There are problems among employee, but I hope I am not in that problem circle. :)

            A year as a working woman (I don’t yet consider myself as a career woman. Note that), I have learned a lot about life, especially for self actualization. I am officially living all by myself here. When first came here, I already broken up with my boyfriend (yeah, past is past. History. Note that) and I was not having a good previous life with the family I stayed with. I ever pray to Allah that if I will be working, I want to be outside of Palembang. Alhamdulillah, its heard. I don’t want to face another scar on my previous heart break. Its hurt, too much. Nonetheless, I don’t want to stay with them, for anymore years in my life. Im tired of living with fake people. That’s what I thought when I moved out. But then I realize, leaving my past just like that is not brings out solution. My ex was buried somewhere I hardly remember, because I chose to. I don’t think he deserves another part of my life after he destroyed it. For the family whom I stayed with for the past 4 years, I should be thankful to them. But then, Im just doing what is needed. Not much. Im not fully supporting their life because I have my own family to be supported and Im gonna build my family soon.  

            One year, I hope Im building a strong foundation with the knowledge about cementing technology, working with different type of human being and growing my love for Wegi Dwi Sapto. 


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