Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Self Reward #1

Hello blogworld! :)

                I always believe that when we work hard on something, we achieve what we want, we should reward ourself for our effort. It doesn’t really matter about the result, what matter is the endless effort. So, after one year of struggle learning about Well Construction Services, been through all the goods and the bads, I finally made it to LT1. Yeay, congratulation to me!

                So, I bought myself something, as a form of appreciation to my own hardwork. Its not the most expensive stuff in the earth, its not something extraordinary, but it means a lot to me. I bought myself a brand new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Well, I ever thought of having iPhone 4S/5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my new gadget, but then, looking at the price, it made me think a lot of times. 

                Why I decided to buy Grand instead of others? The answer is simple. I have money that I earned today, but I am not so sure what tomorrow will brings. Possibilities of having urgent needs and thinking about my future, yes, Im getting married, so this simple reason made me chose this cheaper gadget, not extremely futuristic but so much helpful. 

                Almost a month using this new phone, I don’t have much complaint. The features are quite awesome. With 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory, it can works very fast (but yeah, do not install unnecessary application, if not it will be so damn slow). Apart from that, its good to have Android Jelly Bean inside it (so I can install better application compare when I was using Ace=Gingerbread). Not to forget, its wide screen, let me have better experience of playing the games. Haha :D 

                I am satisfied with this new phone. Despite of its lower class from its brother S4, or the brand competitor iPhone and Sony Xperia, Im happy to have it. I don’t have to worry carry it everywhere because its not IDR 8.000.000++ handphone. Its just IDR 3.490.000 with IDR 150.000 cash back. This is my #1 self reward. Wait for my #2. :p 

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