Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Another Long Distance Relationship?

Hello blogworld! :)

            It has been more than a week my superman attended his training in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the United States of America. So, its mean, we are having our phase of long distance relationship, or popularly known as LDR. But this LDR will be done before we realize it. It will only be going for one month and InsyaAllah, he will be back in Indonesia on Dec 3rd, and we already planned our vacation together. :D 

            In my opinion, being far away for a while from you love ones, will let our self and our love grow better. I already have a nightmare of being in a LDR, but then it made me learn how to cope with my current relationship. I realize that I am (somehow) childish and (always being an) attention seeker, which was one of the cause of my previous LDR did not succeed. So, for this relationship and hopefully my endless love, Im improving my attitude towards love. 

            LDR is all about communication. Thus, both of us are trying our best to keep in touch no matter what. Thanks to technology, we can always get the update of our love ones within second. The existence of Whatsapp, Line, Facebook and Microsoft Office Communicator (only for Slb employee) really made our days easier. We not only had the chance to chat but also can called each other. :D I still hope we can have a video call, but then, his handphone and laptop are not supported for video call. L But its okay, hearing his voice over the weekend are more than enough for someone who is thousand miles away from her love ones. Not to forget, thanks to strong wifi service at his apartment and my office and strong connection of XL internet when Im using it at my room. :)

            Second of all, this LDR allow me to learn to become more understanding loving. Besides of having different time zone, yeah like Simple Plan’s song ‘Jet Lag’ 

“You say good morning, when it’s midnight” 

We have to go against his schedule of classes. Training in Schlumberger is unlike in other company. He has quiz every day, exam every week. The goal is not only for him to pass, but also being a school champion. As his lover who is staying far away from his, all I can do is supporting him and remove all attention seeker attitude so that I will not disturb his focus on studying. My endless support and prayers are for him :)

            Miles are nothing, as long as our hearts are attached to one another. Really cant wait to see you home, WDS! :)

My Man :*


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