Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hello, Real World!

Assalamualaikum and hello my blogworld! :)

its been almost 3 weeks since Im officially working. yup, Im earning money on my own for living and obviously its for my family and future too. hhe :D

I call this working environment as a real life. the competition is bigger and you'll have to fight till your last breath to survive *pencitraan* hahhaha :P but yeah, here is where everything started. Im meeting a whole new people. every unique individuals who were fated to be in The Blue, from various background. Im having managers from Malaysia and Mexico. having coleague from Japan, Taiwan, China, USA and many more. and mostly Sundanese and Javanese are my friends here. haha its a good environment and I hope I can develop myself here. Aamiin :)

3 weeks and I have gained so much experiences. I gotta the chance to learn about things I never thought that I gonna involve with before. oil & gas world, are you kidding me? haha anyway, its real, Im now a part of the Schlumberger Well Services Cementing Lab Team #proud :D we're working with Cementing job designs. the simulation of real cementing job at location. we're not merely mixing, testing and reporting but also designing the cement slurry itself. at first, it was the job of the Field Engineers, but then, once their designs are not suitable with the real situation, we have to do the modification. 

and for sure, all of the process in the lab are not easy and usual. I have to learn from the theory modules for the working principle of the machines, learning the correct technique when doing the tests, learning the correct way to set up the machine and all the small things that's needed for the test. and not to forget on how to program the machine using computer. everything might looks simple. even I thought so. but a very small mistake will brings out fatality result. not only the tests failed, but also it will not satisfy the customer. because the rigs are rented using hours. means, the pay for example 1million USD for an hour. if we do the mistakes, yeah, it will not be a good sign for our company. and I hope I wont do that. Aamiin :D

by the way, this company also gave me the chance to have a new experience for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training & Basis Sea Survival training session. it was....... a speechless experience because I thought Im gonna die in the water during the escape training. T_____T it was super duper scary because I cant swim and dont have a spesific ability on breathing control in the water. I got nose bleed for and unknown reason, maybe because of pressure. I got cold because be in the water for half of the day. and Alhamdulillah Im still alive and still breathing till today. *fiuh*

overall, working here is a so much fun new learning experience. a fresh graduate like me, and this multi national company, its not a dream come true but its a reality that is fated for me. I never dreamed for this, but Allah is too nice for me. Thank You, Allah :D

My HUET ID and can be used for 3 years all over Indonesia Ocean :)

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