Friday, 30 November 2012

a Story of a Pack of Tissue...

today I went through a long journey *eaaa from Kuningan to Depok acompany my friend to her campus to take her Diploma Certificate. nope, Im not telling you about the journey, but I will tell you about what happen during the journey. 

we arrived at UI Train Station and wait for the free shuttle bus to go to Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. while waiting for the bus, we sit and talk all the times *yeah we love talking so much* until this one old man come near to us. yes, he was an old man walking with his stick to ensure he can still walking. he walked really slow. do you what he brought with him? a huge bag full of tissue packs. he was selling tissue, and offered that to everyone who sitting at the bus station. 

he came near to my seat and I bought his tissue. for your information, I already have a pack of tissue in my bag, as usual. I cant go anywhere without tissue. hhe but why I bought that? I cant explain the feeling. it came so naturally, and I just intended to help him. he reminded me of my father. I bought the tissue and asked him to keep the change for the money I paid. I bought that and he smiled to me.

he continue to his walk to the empty seat not far from me. I can still see him. he sat down, put his stick and tissue bag beside, and hold the money I paid to buy the tissue. he looked at it for quite a long time. and suddenly he wiped his eyes. he cried. it maybe a grateful tears from him. and my tears drop too. it taught me about a lot of things. 

I did not talked to him. I dont how does it feels to walk his way. I dont know how he survive till today. I dont know how many people he needs to support. I know nothing about the old man. but he already became a very important role in my life. he taught me something that I never thought that I will learn today. he taught me on how to be grateful.

for everything I have, why should I ever complain? for the food I eat, for the comfort in life, for a great life opportunity, why should I ever complain? I should have stop myself from always looking to the top, only looking up. I should have start to look beside me, left and right and the most important thing is under me. I may not be the super best perfect person, and Im not even trying to be one. but Im just trying to be a better Icha who is grateful for her life, and absolutely with a better attitude. 

I hope anyone who always use the UI bus/train station will help the old man to continue his life. I did a small step, a very small step to help him when I met him, and you might do a bigger effort soon. not only the old man, but also the little kids who are selling sweets and mineral water to the people there. and also to all of the unfortunate all over the places. we might eat 'nasi telor' for our lunch, but they might have nothing for their lunch. we might complain on how hot the weather is and use air conditioner, but they might not even have any proper place to live. 

sharing is caring, and it leads to a better environment. Im not famous social activist like those you can see their tweets promoting events to help. Im just a simple Icha, who just realize that Im sharing my whole life with others. I care, how about you? 


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