Thursday, 15 November 2012

a Story From Balikpapan...

Assalamualaikum and hello my dearest blogworld! :)

Ive been working and staying here, in Balikpapan for a month and overall, its all good. except the food. meeeh -__- alright, stop complaining and lets be thankful of what I have. yeaaah! :D

Firstly, I wanna share about the house Ive been living for the whole month. the housing complex is Kuala Batakan Cottage (KBC) and its located in Batakan, Balikpapan Timur. my house no is 31 and this house the located in front of the beach. but unfortunately, the beach is not as pretty as the one in Bali. hahaha but you can still see the blue sea from this house and if you wake early, you are lucky enough to watch the sunrise. its super beautiful! :D

The house is super big, its a bungalow actually. and Im totally sure that this house is for family to stay, not a single person like me. -___- it consist of 4 bedrooms, huge living room with comfort sofa and wide flat screen tv, plus cable channel. haha :P the household items here are complete, they have rice cooker, refrigerator, microwave, oven, washing machine and etc. yeah. too good to stay here. hihihi :D but unfortunately, my time has come to say goodbye to my lovely KBC no 31 because I have to move out and will be permanently stay in my rented room at the town. whatever it is, I love staying here, except being lonely part. I kinda dislike it. >____<

Secondly, I wanna share about my office. yeah, Im sure you already know where Im working right? haha *GeEr* :P right, Im now working with Schlumberger, where my segment is under PT Dowell Anadrill Schlumberger that is focusing on Well Services activities. my office is located in Manggar and we dont really call it as office, but we call it Manggar Base. hoho :D Manggar Base cover Kalimantan Operations but we do have certain jobs in Acheh. weird? its all because we won the tender and now I know Im lucky enough to be assigned here. :))

in Manggar Base, all of the Schlumberger segments are under one roof. yup, unlike Prabumulih. -,- thus, its totally a huge base and soooooooo many people here! and everyday you get the chance to meet new people, especially the foreigners. they are all nice. and all of the door only can be accessed by using PKI and mine is not yet ready, so until now Im still using the temporary employee PKI. -__- my office and lab is located at the second floor and at the back of the base. yeah, kinda far far away from other people. -,- currently, I not yet have my own desk due to minimum space at the office and for a new comer, I should have wait for about 3 months for my own working desk and computer. thus, Im now using seniors desktop because they're sent to the location and some is assigned for a different shift with me. #NasibAnakBaru 

my working life actually brings me to a new side of the world. because you're selling yourself here. to let yourself being appreciated, you should make yourself valuable. and here I learn to face the real competition. there is no more individual that can become 'penjilat' to the boss like my campus life. everything here is done professionally. everything needs to be evaluated. my career is being viewed by my manager from time to time. Schlumberger have all of the programs that will ensure that everyone deserve what they deserve. if you're good enough, they will reward you. and I do feel this. its a good place to learn and develop myself. 

apart from that, I also learn how to be a better person. its a normal surrounding where you can see some people are not liking other people. and they keep on telling you about that other person bad attitude. I took that positively. as a reminder to myself. I believe that particular person also talking about me behind me too. haha so, firstly, never talk about other people behind their back if you refuse to accept the same treatment. secondly, if anyone tells you anything about other person, keep it by yourself. dont let go everywhere. because thirdly, never creates problem! yeah, I always kept in mind all those reminders. I wanna have a better life here and will be a better person too. hhe :D 

yeah, that's all the story from Balikpapan. I wish I could have more better stories to be shared with you later. have a good night, my blogworld! :D

my lovely room in KBC no 31 :)

the living room, simple and comfy :)


  1. Hi there. Kerry B. Collison founded, developed this project some 35 years ago and lost it all to Peter Fong and Murray Clapham. Do you have anything about this story?
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  2. wow, you are working @ schlumburger .. hope you'll like to share how to apply to that company.. hehe thanks