Saturday, 7 June 2014

“Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya”, Let’s Be Realistic

                Yes, it’s a song from Tulus, my current and might be forever favorite singer. Im not gonna talk about the song, but Im going to share my thoughts upon the title that has played an important role in my life, especially my love life.

During my 24th birthday :)

                Falling in love is easy, honestly I feel that way. Though I was hurt before I finally find Bapak Negara, but then I realize that I found him during the right moment. But staying in love, is the thing we need to consider from time to time. Is this worth it? Are we doing the right thing? Is he/she the right person for us? And the questions continue, more doubts coming out. Right? 

                Regarding my personal experience, staying in love is what both sides need to fight on. Both of the couple need to play their role. If one is negative, one should be the positive. If one is angry, the other one should cool down the situation. Bapak Negara and I, called it ‘saling’. Both of us are playing our role, to strengthen this relationship. 

                So, what is the thing about ‘do not love me as who I am’ stuff? Don’t you realize that couple always said this ‘I accept you as who you are and I love that about you’? I ever tought about that too. But as time goes by, is that sentence realistic? I mean, would you stay in love with those who full of negativity, not even showing their best effort upon life or even your relationship? Yes, I think it is no longer relevant to say that. 

                Do not love me as who I am, because we need to grow. We need to improve by time. We need each other, and that is why I do not want you to love me as who I am. I wanted to be reminded about my attitude, if its bad, then tell me what should I do about that. I wanted to be supported by my love one. If Im trying to reach something, I need your prayers and support. There’s lot more we need to do for each other, since the journey has just started. Stay with me darling and do not love me as who I am.


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